TiPb Presents: iPhone Live #64 - Renumbered

Note: We've renumbered the episode to #64 to reflect both Phone different and iPhone Live!) Join Dieter, Chris, and Rene for FCC vs. Apple, AT&T, and Google fallout, more iTablet and Apple Music Event rumors, and all the news... and appoplexy! Listen in!

Congrats to Brandon who won our live give-away for a Motorola MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. Join us live next week for your chance to win iPhone accessories!

Apple, AT&T, and Google FCC Fallout

  • Apple Responds to FCC Questions (Google and AT&T as Well)
  • Apple: 8500 Apps to Review a Week by 40 Odd Reviews
  • AT&T To Reconsider VoIP Applications Over 3G? Yeahbuwhat Apple VoIP apps?
  • Do Other Countries Lose Out on Apps Because of AT&T Policies?
  • Apple iPhone is a Restaurant, Not a Super Market, and They Should Say So on the Sign
  • Apple Afraid Google is Taking Over the iPhone?
  • Apple Kicking Themselves They Didn’t Buy GrandCentral (Google Voice) First?
  • Act Now or Apple Will Be the Next Microsoft Monopoly?

iPhone and iPhone OS

  • iPhone 3GS Can Play Back 720p, 1080p Source Videos?
  • Apple Investigates: “Exploding” iPhones and iPods

Apps and App Store

  • Poll: Should Apple Improve the iPhone App Store, Eliminate It, or Both?
  • Poll: Is Jailbreak the Answer to App Store Woes?
  • iPhone App Review Astroturfing Gets Uglier
  • Rhapsody App Coming to iPhone - Approval Pending…

iTunes, iPod, and iTablet

  • Apple iTunes and iPod Special Music Event on Sept. 9 Seconded?
  • Steve Jobs Locked on iTablet


  • AT&T Rolling Out 850 MHz 3G to Improve Service

The Competition

  • The Competition: BlackBerry Browser Going WebKit via Torch Mobile?!
  • The Competition: BlackBerry Storm 2 - Piezo-Electric Boogaloo!


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