TiPb Presents: iPhone Live! #83 -- CES-travaganza

Join PreCentral.net's Dieter, AndroidCentral.com's Phil, and Rene for iPhone 4, CES roundup, Palm Pre/Pixi Plus, Nexus One, iTablet, and all the week's news and opinions. Listen in!


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  • I need to say that my selection to obtain a Palm Pixi with Sprint support was both a rational and emotional just one. I mean, the Palm Pixi is stunning and functional. And coupled with the provider excellent of Sprint, it looks almost nothing brief of the revolution in the doing. I feel that Palm and Sprint have (practically) hit it off famously. I did a lot of analysis previous to acquiring the Pixi but overlooked at very least one particular factor. The Pixi doesn't, yet, permit me synchronize my e-mails between it and Outlook. As far as I'm concerned, that is a drawback I'm facing unless Palm comes up using a alternative swiftly. With my previous SmartPhone running a Windows OS, it was a snap to synchronize e-mails as well as other information with one's Personal computer. But Pixi's inability to do so is creating lifestyle a small tough for me due to the fact I've to Bcc each e-mail, I send out, to my e-mail address after which manually transfer it for the 'sent' folder in Outlook. I hope Palm, or at very least a third-party, will appear up which includes a answer really soon that can easily permit me synchronize all my e-mails, and ideally all needed information, between the Pixi and my office Computer.
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