Should you get an iPhone 4, iPod touch (2010), or iPod nano (2010)? Or more specifically, who should get an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPod nano? That's a question we get a lot from people considering their first iOS device or a second device for their family, and that's the topic for the fourth episode of our new, conversational video show, TiPb TV!

Rene and I go over the strong and weak points of each device, always on internet connectivity vs. the cost of a data plan, sleek and thin vs. smaller camera sensor, cheap and highly portable vs. no video and apps. Sure there's a lot of overlap but there are a lot of differences too.

Maybe you already have a phone or smartphone, maybe you need a phone or a second media player or workout music. If you're thinking of picking up a new iPhone, iPod touch, or iPod nano this holiday season -- for yourself or for that special someone -- then check out the latest episode of TiPb TV and we'll help you decide!

TiPb TV 05: Should you buy an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPod nano?