T-Mobile Austria Outs iPhone 32GB?

Colossal blunder to be sure, but is it a blunder in content, or was it just made live before it was finished and authorized? Are we seeing the first signs of a real, honest-to-Jobs iPhone 32G? Decide for yourselves, though Engadget reminds us that the original iPhone was prematurely posted by T-Mo Germany two years ago. Could this be the double d'oh!?

(But really, T-Mo, you couldn't have used a faded out, stock photo of an iPhone 3G there? My eyes. Ouch. My eyes...)

Rene Ritchie

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  • haha how these things go "oops" is beyond me!
  • It's already gone again.
  • Hey Rogers Rep:
    I guess T-Mobile "Gets More" than Rogers.