How do you keep track of stocks on your iPhone? A Stocks app/widget was one of the original apps introduced for the iPhone 2G in 2007 and with a small upgrade in iPhone OS 3.0 last year, it still has a place on almost every iPhone home screen (even if only because Apple won't let non stockies delete it). But if you are a hardcore market watcher, a bear or a bull, a buyer or seller, is the built in Stocks app enough to get you through a trade?

There are a variety of 3rd party stock apps in the iTunes app store that aim to do the job better, or at least more seriously. Do you use any of them? Which ones and why?

From the intense day trader to the casual yearly investor, having a device that's always on the internet, and always on you seems like a natural fit for the dynamic world of stock trading.

I know next to nothing about it -- other than Apple and Google are doing pretty well these days -- so if you have any recommendations, any tricks on how to better use your iPhone in todays hectic (and hellacious) markets, let us know in comments!