Transferring files to your iPhone has always meant loading up iTunes, but then you'd also need to make sure that the files are the right format because that's always an issue right? It can occasionally be frustrating, but fortunately there are options out there.

Transfer files to your iPhone easily with WALTR 2!

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Consider WALTR 2, which lets you skip iTunes, file converters, and even wires, using your WiFi to wirelessly transfer files to any of your iOS devices. At it's core, WALTR 2 is a simple file manager where you can drag-and-drop any music, ringtones, videos, PDF, and ePUB files into any Apple device without iTunes or external apps. It's also armed with clever tricks like automatic file conversion for audio and video, and content recognition that brings along metadata. It even works with older iOS devices back to the iPod Classic!

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Usually this software costs $40, but thanks to this deal from iMore Digital Offers, you can get WALTR 2 for just $19.95! That's a savings of 50%!

Never deal with iTunes, or clunky file converters again. Get WALTR 2 and never struggle transferring files to your iOS devices again!

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