Twelve South introduces PowerPic, a photo frame that wirelessly charges your iPhone

Twelve South today took the wraps off PowerPic, its first foray into wireless charging for iPhone. It combines what looks to be a traditional wooden picture frame at first glance with a hidden, 10W Qi charger behind the photo.

When wireless charging came to the iPhone in 2017, Apple fans were inundated with options for charging pads and stands (and Apple even went on to unveil its own first-party option, though it is yet to materialize) for powering up their devices. But not everyone wants to have an ugly black or white pad laying on their desk or nightstand all the time, and Twelve South set out to fix that problem with PowerPic.

The New Zealand pine frame can hold any 5-inch by 7-inch photo and the black or white design will fit in with any home decor. You then simply lay your phone against the picture and the integrated charger tops up your phone, while propping it up at a viewable angle. When not in use, it looks just like any other picture frame in your home or office.

PowerPic works with any Qi-enabled phone — not just iPhone models — and can provided fast charging to devices that support it. It also works with cases up to 3mm in thickness and there's a status LED on the back of the frame that lets you know when your phone is fully charged or if there is a foreign object preventing charging from taking place — like a bank card in a wallet case, for example. It includes a 1.5-meter USB-C to USB-A cable that can be plugged into your existing AC adapter just fine.

PowerPic is available to order for $79.99 now and ships free in the U.S.

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Adam Oram

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