I'm sure you may have heard horror stories about refurbished iPhones, specifically those from AT&T. Some of the first batch of refurbished iPhones reportedly came with face grease and scratches, others were already even jailbroken--the issues kept getting more and more outlandish and I began to wonder where the truth lied.

Well after we reported the $249/8gb $349/16gb deal here at TiPb, I just had to see them for myself. I managed to purchase a 8gb version before it sold out that same day and eagerly anticipated its arrival.

Though I already have an 8gb iPhone and before you all tar and feather me for being unaware of the imminent release of the 3G iPhone, I figured that an iPhone, no matter when, where, or how, makes a great gift for a special someone. And in the case that they deny the gift, it’s a good way to make a quick buck by simply unlocking & jailbreaking to those poor, poor souls who live in a country with no current ‘official’ iPhone. And if I received one that was in terrible condition, well I would have struck story gold! So it’s a win-win-win, well unless the 3G iPhone does really come out for a subsidized $199, then I might cry.

Read on for the Rest of the Story & Pictures!

To give you a quick summary of the purchase, I bought the iPhone around 1:00 PM Pacific Time on Wednesday through AT&T’s website and promptly received a confirmation number. Thursday afternoon I received notice that my iPhone was already being shipped by DHL (which, by the way, has a great feature that update the status of your package via SMS or e-mail). After receiving silly updates over the weekend and seeing the package ship from Texas->Ohio->California (not my first route choice), I promptly received the iPhone Monday morning at 9:40 AM.

It arrived in a very unremarkable cardboard box that weighed much less than I originally remember my first iPhone weighing. After removing the contents from the box, I found the weirdest of sights. An Apple Product in a carrier-branded box. Complete with the company’s orange and blue, the box screamed AT&T and you would never imagine that there was an iPhone in there.

The packaging was also very anti-Apple, with the use of Styrofoam and careless placement of accessories. It seemed like the earphones and pamphlet didn’t have a slot in the Styrofoam packaging so it was just placed on top of everything. Whatever I thought, I was already wowed by the original packaging of the iPhone but was hopeful to see if it came in one of those white boxes that other refurbished iPhones have been boxed in.

I carefully examined the iPhone and its accessories and well, it suffices to say, I didn’t get to tell one of those crazy, outlandish stories. The iPhone was in flawless condition and doesn’t even look like it has been used. The screen feels great and the back is unscathed. However, some of the accessories do have some wear on them, the USB cable has a few marks and scratches on it and the other accessories don’t look BRAND NEW, but definitely new enough and most importantly, all are in perfect working condition.

The iPhone functions perfectly too. I quickly jailbreaked it to see if everything was functioning and sync’d it a couple times and well, everything turned out fine. So in all, next time there is a refurbished deal for the iPhone, whether it be through AT&T or Apple, fear not! The iPhone works perfectly, looks flawless, and you'll have a great toy to play with for the rest of eternity (or until the next one comes out).