Unlocked iPhones finally coming to US Apple Stores this Wednesday?

If Jailbreak developer Chronic's sources are to be believe, unlocked iPhones may finally hit US Apple Stores this Wednesday.

Unlocked iPhones headed to Apple Stores for Wednesday: MC603 (16GB, Black) MC604 (16GB, White) MC605 (32GB, Black) MC606 (32GB, White)

Chronic originally believed his sources were referring to new MacBook Air models but has since stated the original information was off -- it's for unlocked iPhones.

While countries like Canada and the UK have had SIM-unlocked models available since the iPhone 4 launched (and places like Hong Kong before that), the US has remained GSM-locked to AT&T even after Verizon launched a CDMA iPhone last February.

Before T-Mobile users get their hopes up, it's unlikely these unlocked iPhones would support AWS frequencies, which means no 3G off AT&T in the US. But for travelers who'd prefer to swap SIM cards than pay extravagant roaming rates, it might be a compelling choice.

If this rumor pans out, expect the unlocked models to come with a hefty, unsubsidized price -- like $600+ for 16GB and $700+ for 32GB.

And with iPhone 5 likely coming this fall alongside iOS 5 would anyone rush out and pay that much, right now, just for a factory unlock?


Rene Ritchie

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