U.S. Attorney General hopes Apple will comply with court order in phone decryption case

United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch has weighed in on the current case between the FBI and Apple, in which the FBI is trying to get Apple to help unlock the phone of one of the San Bernardino shooters. Lynch says that she hopes that Apple will comply with the order compelling them to aid the FBI, which the company is currently resisting.

From Reuters:

"It is still our hope that they will see their way clear to complying with that order as thousands of other companies do every day," Lynch said in an interview with Fox News.

Apple is currently fighting back against the federal court's order, arguing that the FBI should not be able to compel a company to create a product, particularly one that compromises the iOS security measures that Apple has put in place. The company believes that if they're forced to create and use this tool in this case, it will make fighting such orders more difficult in the future, and in the long run it will compromise the security of Apple's customers. A judge in New York recently sided with Apple in a similar case.

FBI vs. Apple