Vaja Making the Case for iPhone Nano?

Not to be outdone by the Apple media server rumors, the iPhone Nano rears its tiny mutant form again, this time on the website of case-maker Vaja. Does this add weight to the rumor, or simply volume? MacRumors rightly points out:

While it may be that Vaja is simply taking advantage of the hype surrounding the iPhone Nano, the rumors have been persistent over the past few weeks. While Apple does not give case manufacturers information about unreleased products, Apple must contract out to factories to manufacture their hardware. It is believed that it is through these contracts that case design specs are often leaked ahead of time. As we've said before, case manufacturers have a huge financial incentive to have cases ready in time for new product launches.

Macworld is only a week away (though even if the rumor is true (and we're still not holding our breath) we may have to wait until Apple -- and Steve Jobs -- hold another special media event to know for sure.

Are you getting convinced yet? Or just tiring of the rumors?

Rene Ritchie

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