Verizon has asked if they can carry the iPhone

In response to the Wall Street Journal's rumor last week about the iPhone being released on Verizon later this year, CEO Ivan Seidenberg remarked to the Council on Foreign Relations:

[Verizon] has told Apple that it wants to carry the iPhone. But he declined to say when — or even if — the popular smart phone will be available for Verizon Wireless customers.

Seidenberg is infamous for reportedly refusing the back in 2007, leading Apple to partner with AT&T, and for once saying Verizon's strategy for competing with the iPhone involved waiting for Steve Jobs to get old.

We're not getting our hopes up for an iPhone 4.0 event "one more thing" yet. You?

[Reuters via MacRumors]

Rene Ritchie

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  • 1st .....!
  • With AT&T now... Already switched from Verizon to get the iPhone. Um... Pass.
  • AT&T has worked great for me. Fast 3g speeds and I have service everywhere. I get an occasional dropped call but no big. Verizon has been slow for many of my friends. And why would you ever want a CDMA version of an iPhone. It's old technology and you wouldn't even be able to talk on the phone and check email or surf the web while on 3g. The commercials would become obsolete.
  • I think Verizon doesnt have enough 3G coverage comparing to AT&T ... which means it cannot compete with AT&T .... my opinion !
  • There are two things that Verizon needs to do if they want to carry the iPhone. 1) Time to fire up the Verizon spin machine and look for creative ways to apologize to Apple for all of the shots that they took - especially for the Droid campaign. 2) Buy a set of comfortable, quality knee pads. They're going to need them.
  • @The Reptile u forget something they need comfee cusions ....!
  • can i haz the iPhone ?
    no -_-
  • I say let verizon have the iPhone so everyone can shut up and realize how poor service and customer service verizon has. I would love to see verizons network CRASH from the all mighty iPhone! Would also be very interested in to see how much a iPhone plan would cost on verizon....
  • its really a no brainer for apple to give the iphone to verizon. i know so many people who have verizon and would buy this thing in a heartbeat
  • I don't think there will be a "one more thing" at the iPhone 4.0 event this Thursday. They will show what 4.0 can do and that's it. Much like the ipad event. Showed it off, talked about it. End.
  • ya, the one more thing usually comes during the hardware anouncement of the new iPhone and final release of the new software.
  • Make sure to play with the balls verizon show apple you really want it even though the network can't handle it
  • If apple wants to give verizon the iPhone, by all means that's their decision. But to me verizon doesn't deserve it. It has always bashed the iPhone, from the beginning verizon felt it would not be successful. Then the whole droid advertising and verizon saying that android was the way to go for them. But again, let them have it. I've never had a single problem with AT&T. I hated verizon. Yeah, they have more coverage- but I'll take much better speed over coverage any day. And then maybe everyone who hates AT&T so much can just go to verizon and then bitch about how verizon sucks. Because if people jump ship from AT&T to verizon- there will a lot of bitching about speed.
  • Wow. Verizon wants iPhone?
    I'm other news: The sky is blue and water is wet.
    OF COURSE they want iPhone.
    You know, it's okay yo have an occasional slow news day, tipb.
  • if verizon does get the iphone this summer when will it be official. i've been told from an inside source that it will come this summer. he saw the memo. his best friend is a verizon executive and he's never been wrong about any of this stuff. he knew the exact dates of the droid and storm 2 and other phones on verizon. i know it's coming and you guys shouldn't believe me as i wouldn't believe you. he said he'll have more information by the weekend and i'll tell you guys what he says. i'm not saying believe me, but wait until the summmer and see what happens. things are subject to change but things look very good. he also said that he's in some kind of committee and will be recieving the htc incredible next week and it should release shortly after. let's see if he will be right.
  • i meant to say when will it be officially announced.
  • last thing. he never said the memo was for a verizon iphone. just a apple phone for verizon. he said it will probably have a different name because of legal issues.
  • I believe it, i believe he asked for the iPhone, I believe there will be a Verizon iPhone, but I DON'T believe it'll happen this year. Apple will most likely do it when LTE is fully rolled out in the U.S. (or atleast in a few places.) Right now, Verizon's speeds are too slow, they can't do "talk & surf", they're data plans are too over the top expensive(unless Apple does something about it.) & their network will get too overloaded and people WILL start complaining. Let alone, they drop a lot of calls, just like every other normal carrier. Also!! I'm starting to and never believed the Wall Start Journal. And why should we? All these other news sources say stuff and we don't go psycho about it. If Verizon's CEO asked for the iPhone yesterday, then how are they making a "CDMA compatible" iPhone for Verizon? I only hope they were talking about China, or some other place in Asia.
    Apple has done too many good things with at&t in the first place. Even starting in 2005 with Motorola, releasing an iTunes phone on the Cingular network. Did they do anything with Verizon? Psh, please. Where's he facts or evidence.
    iPhone HDS-2010(i hope.)
  • first of all verizon is much faster then at&t and has the highest customer satisfaction rate. i'm not here to argue about carriers but i'm telling you apple will have a phone out for verizon THIS summer. it might not be called the "iphone" because of legal issues but there will be an apple device on verizon. i will have more info on it on the weekend. he also said the storm 3 is a HUGE improvement and has widgets even. droid 2 in the fall and htc incredible in a week or two. verizon hasn't even confirmed it so if the incredible comes out on vzw this month like he says, i'm sure he's right about the iphone on verizon. this guy has some really good connections. verizon iphone would sell off the charts. there's already proof in the software for 4.0 for 3 devices. two of which are identical running the same software. i don't think it's a coincidence but is verizon's iphone and the other an ipad. i'll keep you all updated.
  • Verizon getting the iPhone; get ready to be mickle and dime by Verizon,
    even visual voicemail u gonna have to pay for if verizon get the iPhone.
    Talking to ur husband/wife on a verizon iPhone, and ur husband/wife ask u to look up the information on something online.
    Ok hold on honey let me hang up, look it up and call u back.
    What a waste.
  • Jared is lost. Verizon 3g is slow. My homie stacked his droid next to my iPhone and mine killed it. Even switched it to edge and was almost as fast. And for the tards. I SWITCHED IT TO EDGE it didn't lose service
  • @Jared
    I want to believe you but I can't because of your first sentence.
  • that's cause the droid is a piece. do any of you even have verizon? i never said anything bad about at&t but there's a reason it's the nations largest carrier. whatever it is i'm stuck with verizon on a family plan and will get more info on the iphone coming to verizon this weekend for those interested. i'm not expecting you guys to believe me but this guys never let me down with a new phone release. i know it will come. i really hope that with os 4.0 it's a lot newer looking. i feel like every year they make a little upgrade. i want a whole ui revamp and that a4 chip inside. this is what i'm hoping for
    -a4 chip
    -at least 1 gHz processor
    -3.7-4.3 inch AMOLED screen
    - at least 480 by 800 resolution
    - front facing camera with iCHat
    - much better UI that's more cutomizable
    - something else really cool no other phone will have
  • Baustin go over to i was originally waiting for the nexus one on verizon but this guy knows the verizon iphone is coming this summer. he gives out his email address in one of his posts on that page. e-mail him and ask him for yourself and all your questions. he said he'll have more info this weekend. also people ask him a ton of question before that page and after if you're curious.
  • out of the ppl who commented here...who actually talks and surfs at the same time...needlingly all the time?? that point is almost dumb if you ask me...customer satisfaction on verizon is great and if the iphone doesnt make a miracle happen with 4.0 then Android will soon be running it.
  • Dar dar dar...
    Verizon in my mouth...
    Dar dar...
  • He gives out his email so of course he knows what he's talking about, ask him about droid 3 when you get a chance
  • Yah verizon is nations largest carrier cause it bought broke ass alltell
  • Jared I hate to break the news to you and this isn't a carrier war either. Just facts. Verizons 3G isn't even close to AT&Ts. Here's the proof. And yes this is an iPhone on AT&Ts 3G network here in east San Fran bay area.
  • I've heard that Verizon didn't get the iPhone in the beginning because there was too many failed negotiations with apps and usage plans. VZW had their "get it now" program and didn't want to compromise what they perceived as potential profitability while Apple wanted to maintain control of the App store and other accessories used with the iphone software.
    I also understand that both VZW and ATT are going to launch LTE next year to obtain the 4G speeds, while Sprint converted to WIMAX for their now advertised 4G speeds. Perhaps the new iphone will acommodate the LTE technology I hear we will be seeing from the first 2 carriers soon.
  • I'll even give you the benefit of the doubt that that last one I posted was for late at night. Here's one I took sitting in rush hour traffic in San Fran. Tell me when Verizon gets 5-6 megs down on their 3G network.
  • you guys are ridiculous. none of you have ever had verizon i'm guessing. i've had both. i switched last year and they don't even compare. i'm glad you're happy with your service but don't tell me at&t is better and verizon sucks when it's PROVEN verizon is better.
  • How Verizon managed to steal Jared from Subway is beyond me.
    Jared. Since you know so much more than the rest of us. Can you enlighten us how you can surf the web and make a phone call at the same time on Verizon's network.
  • Some ones a verizon fan boy and my homie with vzw kicks it at my house all day and has 2-3 bars at most and edge speeds for 3g and don't blame it on the droid cause he has an htc
  • who cares about that. i'm sure you ever use that. at&t sucks ask any expert. they have the worst customer satisfaction. why are you bagging on verizon if you never used it. i never said anything bad about at&t until now. honestly i don't care i'm happy with them. if you're not then stick with at&t, what can i say. if any of you ever had verizon for even a day you'd see the difference. oh well you can call and surf the web the same time, big deal. considering half your calls get dropped.
  • I have verizon all the time like I said I use my homies htc all day sometimes just to see whose network was better. My homie will tell you AT&T is as well cause he uses my iPhone too. He gives out his email too so you know he's telling the truth. ( last part was sarcasm for those who couldn't catch it)
  • And just took my iPhone to genius bar last week out of curiosity an dropped calls were well be low half. They were once in a while
  • Actual number was 3 out of 100 calls
  • Jared.
    I had verizon. But switched last year to AT&T BECAUSE OF POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE ,AND poor 3G(speed).
    EVEN if Apple would decide to start a partnership with Verizon, I'd stick with AT&T.
    Stop being a pathetic fanboy. You can spread your VerizonLove elsewhere. ;)
  • Eat Fresh.
    5 ,,,,, 5. ,,,,, 5 dollar foooooot loooooong. :)
  • Like many others who posted before me I agree that AT&T has worked just fine for me the mass majority of the time. They have been getting a lot of criticism for their lack of communication regarding desired features such as MMS and tethering, but have been working hard behind the scenes to upgrade their network reliability and speed. As for Apple, they probably couldn't care less about tethering because as long as people are using iphone Mobile Safari, they're perfectly happy with that. Especially in light of Apple's anticipated iAd service.
  • Jared !!!! STFU.... Very annoying !!!
  • wtf???? this is an article about verizon and the iphone. i never said anything about at&t or verizon and their networks until someone said verizon sucks. your all a bunch of pussy's and can suk my dik. get at me.
  • honestly your all fags. all i said was verizon is probably getting the iphone this summer then you all started saying who cares verizon sucks and at&t is better. i said a million times i'm glad you like at&t but i like verizon. what's the problem with that?
  • Yeah i guess you're right, I like AT&T but you are entitled to your own opinion. I guess I was just mad because I never get pussy.
  • I mean i think verizon sucks but he didn't start this argument. i don't understand why you guys are mad at him for saying the iphone might come to vzw this summer??? you guys need to grow up or get something better to do but verizon does suck and there's no reason to bag this dude for liking them. going to bed peaceeeeeeee
  • I love how everyone on here is bashing Verizon. Apparently everyone forgot how long it took AT&T to enable MMS on the iphone. Yea, solid network they have running there.
  • NO he said verizons network is faster than att so we are not baggin on him for liking them he can like them all he wants but he thinks its proven that its faster but we are just saying he is wrong and so theres the argument. never about him liking them.
  • @ nabraham- just as long as it took vzw to enable wifi on their devices
  • @E$F - When did Verizon disable Wifi on phones? If i recall correctly, phones weren't shipping with it (like the blackberry curve). I don't remember Verizon disabling the feature on the phone.
  • i didn't say verizon is faster until you started saying it sucks. both are great networks but i prefer verizon. why did that have to start a whole stupid argument. look back at the posts. all i kept saying is that verizon doesn't suck and i'm glad you are satisfied with at&t. i did say verizon is faster because if you look up the facts it is, but that doesn't really matter. i don't care think whatever as i could really care less. i just want the iphone to come to verizon.
  • Jared:
    I've had the droid, the storm 2, the tour, the htc droid. All were okay phones. I didn't have a problem with them. But stop spreading your lies that verizon is proven faster than AT&T. I'd like to see this proof please? Because verizon has never been faster for me, or anyone I know. I'm not saying their speeds are really slow, I'm just saying they aren't as fast as AT&T speeds are.
    As for your "friend" who knows all this detailed information. Well my cousins husband works for verizon. I texted him to ask him about the rumors that an internal memo went out confirming an apple phone for verizon. No memo exists. Also asked him about the htc incredible being released relatively soon. He said there is no confirmation on a release date, and there's no solid confirmation that verizon will ever carry it, although it is strongly believed that they will. Also, my cousins husband has been with verizon for a while and he said that no verizon employee "in the know" would go around to a friend and give out confidiential information. So you can stop with your lies- they aren't welcome here. I'm glad you're happy with verizon, I'm happy with AT&T. So let's "to each our own". But again, please stop spreading lies with all your "false proof" because you really only look like a complete moron, at best.
    Also, you made a comment above about people never using the Internet while talking on the phone...that's a major reason I would never leave AT&T. I surf the web at least five times a day while I'm on the phone. So don't go around saying no one cares about that feature or no one uses it. Just because you don't, doesn't mean millions of other people don't.
  • first of all no verizon employees are in the know. he is a verizon executive. please e-mail him. or better yet wait until the summer. also watch the incredible drop this month as he has said. the reason you think verizon was slow is because there are no good phones on it. show me the facts verizon is slower. you guy called me a fanboy when you guys got pissed when all i did was try to give you good info in a post on this website about verizon and the iphone. if you hate verizon so much why'd you click on this topic? i'm done arguing with you guys and you'll see that everything i said will happen.
  • imma take a video when i get back to cali of some speed tests on my homies htc my other homies droid both on verizon and my iphone just so you be quiet. and the post is about verizon getting iphone and people say that they shouldnt get it because of all these reason so that is the meaning of the post. look at the graph its about opinions of why there will be no verizon phone and majority says verizon cant handle it. and they say that because people think it sucks so whos not gonna say that it doesnt.
    @nabraham - they didnt ship with wifi because verizon didnt allow them to why do you think alot of posts a while back said if verizon gets iphone (before android came out) hopefully they dont cripple it by disabling wifi like all their other phones. they only allowed wifi on them recently (android release)
  • @ Jared
    now please explain to me how Verizon is faster than AT&T??
    ^fixed link
  • Jared:
    Millions of people talk and surf. AT&T's is ACTUALLY proven to be faster, more carriers out there in the world, today, are using GSM. Only a few carriers exist with CDMA. Apple will not just make a Verizon iPhone for the annoying people and waste their time & money just for a Verizon compatible iPhone. Let alone, i think having an iPhone on Verizon is a complete failure. What else is it going to benefit people from other than coverage. that's it. Only cellphone and slow 3G coverage. Every cell phone carrier is not perfect, and by this point, Verizon isn't perfect. By what your defense is about Verizon, it's like saying that they're better than all of them. I rather have a faster, more reliable 3G network, talk & surf, and cheaper date plans then just more coverage. And i believe most people would want that also. And people who don't go onto rumor/news blogs like these, and watch t.v. and talk to people about this subject, want an iPhone on Verizon, and don't know how bad it'll soon affect them. They're just better off staying with at&t. I'd rather have an iPhone on the Sprint network if a CDMA iPhone would of happened. The 3G is far more better than Verizon's or T-Mobile.
    Oh & FYI, Verizon does suck. And stop believing your friend. He may be lying and assuming, like every other Verizon fanboy idiot, that thinks an iPhone on Verizon is coming out this summer.
  • Sprint is the best hands down. As soon as the Evo comes out and the other android phones your little iphones will be going down hill. That's why apple is doing this cause android is dominating.
  • every all city test ive seen puts AT&T on top in the united states, AT&T's network is faster period, Verizon's so called "3G" is hardly pushing 3 mbps
  • You know, Jered's posts look am aweful lot like a Nigerian email scam I saw once. I'm waiting for the part where he says he needs our bank account numbers to help the wife of the former CEO of Verizon's Nigerian expansion department smuggle the VZW iPhone to the US.
  • Awww it's always fun to see iphone fanboys sputter and cry against anyone who makes fun of their precious iphone. Guess what? Apple is a corporation out to make money. It may not be their #1 priority but they don't really care about putting up their anti-verizon face when it means making more money. Even the parts that make up their devices are made from their "competitors".
    Btw, didn't Verizon just win an award for best customer service? I guess you guys are going to call that folly until AT&T wins it, then you'll say it's legit.
  • To jared... Well by doing some research i have found that Verizon's typical network speeds are 500-1000 kbps. Now at my house in Muncie Indiana i can pull about 250 kbps on EDGE or 2000 kbps on 3G. So basically what this says is that Verizon's speed can go from double AT&T's EDGE or up to half of AT&T's 3G. In places where AT&T has HSPA 7.2 the 3G is double what i am getting. How is Verizon faster?
    I'm not trying to say AT&T is better (although i think they are), I am just proving they are faster...
    Also if you want to get really technical the max speed for EDGE is an average of 300 kbps (I'm not sure which version AT&T uses so i am putting an average), the max speed for HSPA 3.2 is 3200 kbps, and the max speed for EV-DO Rev. A is 3100 kbps. So it is actually literally impossible for Verizon's 3G to ever go faster than AT&T's using current tech.
  • lmao, Jared is a waste
  • We all new verizon would come crawling back. All of a sudden they want to play ball with Apple. I hope verizon makes them wait one more year for their tom foolery.
  • I agree with Jared about verizon being I was with sprint (& they use verizon towers so I can imagine verizon voice coverage is even more superior) and I never had dropped calls in 8 years with them. But I will say with AT&T on 3g I have drop calls daily on edge I have grand calls. & I notice under 3g when u have to dial in ur credit card #'s over the iPhone it says u put it in wrong(and I did this like 5-6 times ) but under edge it goes through grand and I am in a very good 3g coverage area. Jared u r telling the truth mind u these r the same loons that claim how multitasking is not that damn important but when it (if) comes to the iPhone they will scream how apple invented the format.
    They r really a comedy act here
  • You guys would also cheer for Verizon if your wife/sister worked for them.
    Bottom line is , me wife/sister told me that her boss heard through a VERY relible source that Verizon IS releasing iPhone this coming July.
    I for one can't wait to get one for myself and one for my son/nephew ;)
  • I wouldn't be surprised to see 3 models of the new iPhone for AT&T. Maybe Apple's way of reaching out to more consumers. But I highly doubt that Verizon will get the iPhone anytime in the near future.
  • For the people stating Verizons data plans are more expensive I'm confused how that is when they have the same plans as AT&T. As far as this whole argument there's advantages to both networks. AT&T is faster and gsm so it's global. Verizon had a lot more 3g coverage stateside so if you're not in a major city you'll probably have better coverage with them. Also less dropped calls on Verizon and they're rolling out 4G this year.
  • Jared is just fan boy of verizon
  • SoCo_Jon Says:
    "out of the ppl who commented here…who actually talks and surfs at the same time…needlingly all the time??"
    ALL THE TIME is not the point. The point is that it CAN BE DONE ON AT&T and NOT Verizon and I have some instances where I do need to access information on the internet whilst on calls. Many business people need to do the same. So if you think this isn't a selling point, you're mightily mistaken, my friend. It's a deal breaker for me!
  • NEVER!
  • Oh and by the way... I have great coverage on AT&T and don't drop calls. If I did, I'd switch carriers and that's the bottom line. Why would you keep a phone carrier if you constantly get bad coverage from them? Trust me, if AT&T sucked in my area, I would be the first one to leave. One carrier is never consistently great or horrible throughout the entire nation. Remember, cell towers can't cover every nook and cranny of the country unless they are pretty much ubiquitous.
  • Don't feed the trolls...
    In any case something doesn't add up. If the WSJ rumors are accurate and a Verizon CDMA iPhone is already being planned then there would be no need for the Verizon CEO to make such a statement, so I don't think the WSJ report is true.
    It is also highly unusual for a network operator to make such a public request for a specific phone like this. Usually it is the phone manufacturers that go round lobbying networks to include their phones in the lineup. Even when networks go to phone manufacturers themselves it is usually to create a network branded/exclusive model and isn't done in public like this.
    It seems to me that Verizon wants the iPhone but Steve Jobs is refusing for some reason (ticked off by the iDon't ads?) so the Verizon CEO went public to try and force his hand. So if the iPhone doesn't come to Verizon now it may be seen as bad PR for Apple (limiting choice, in bed with AT&T etc etc) and possibly may even get the FTC on the case looking at a potential monopoly.
  • That's the problem jareds wife slash sister works for verizon. Stop marrying family and you won't be as dumb as to believe everything you hear
  • E$F,
    Dont knock it till you try it.
    If it wasnt for my wife/sister, I wouldnt be able to have a great son/nephew :)
  • @E$F haha.
    @Jared disturbing.
    It's really all a moot point anyway. Someone "in the know" has been leaking the imminent release of a VZW iPhone every year since it was released. VZW employees have flat out lied and told my friends to hold out pretty much the entire run because they could upgrade "by the end of this year" to an iPhone. As for the superiority of Verizon's coverge: I rocked a VZW blackberry alongside my iPhone for work for the last year and a half in the Bay Area. Verizon's call quality and data speeds have routinely been a big bag of fail, and I now use an iPhone exclusively. Sure, they have great customer service, but if you know what you're doing, I've never had AT&T tell me know or fail to resolve my issues.
    Long story short: get used to Android, because you don't have a shot at the iPhone until LTE is fully rolled out and in common use. Even then, don't hold your breath. Apple doesn't have a problem with ignoring an entire group of people. They've been more than happy to flex their exclusivity muscle over the years, and I doubt they're real worried about Verizon users in their global level of thinking.
  • You guys are hilarious! :)
  • Who's laughing now?? :lol:
  • And the new 4G 128G
    PWNED !!! (thanks Wifey/sissy for the insider info and pics)
  • That was pretty funny though Jared good one
  • :lol:
    yep. Anyone can be a Jared ;) :) :lol:
  • @ Dexter, that feature wasnt a selling point when the iphone was realeased nor was it a selling point when the iphone 3G was released. Nobody (and AT&T) gave a da mn about talking and surfing until Verizon lauunched their Droid campaign. This is true.
    Im sure this wont stop the majority of ppl who want an iphone on verizon from buying it when it is released. ppl want a quality phone on a quality network. AT&T was a default and if wasnt for the iphone, they would have probably been bought out by Verizon too (lol sarcasm)...
    the thing is, ppl think the iphone is a quality phone when there really are better phones than it...its a real big fashion to have an iphone and like most fads, they will die out. Android is on the rise and might soon be the next fad..until something else comes out the LOOKS better.
  • All I have to say is Luke Wilson is annoying. ATT sure did get scared after the holiday/map commercials.
    Both are great networks, just depends on where you live. I respect the iPhone but I really don't like it. I do know plenty of iPhone owners that would switch to Verizon.
  • Jared:
    You're a complete liar! You first mentioned your "friend" and now your wife/sister? Wtf, stop your lyings. Your family and friends don't have proof of anything. And nor do you!
  • Actually, Verizon does have a few models that you can talk and surf at the same time now. It has absolutely nothing to do with carrier and everything to do with the phone itself. You should be applauding Apple for implementing that...not ATT. I'm on ATT in Nashville and it isn't anything to brag about. You can see the fanboys really get pissy when they take Luke Wilson talking points.
  • Ddub,
    what models does Verizon carry? explain yourself..
  • Edie, the Droid allows you to talk and surf if you are on wifi. Again, it isn't a network function, rather an Phone manufacture's function. I don't really use talk and surf on my iPhone at all. 3g speeds in Nashville are nothing to brag about. It stays on wifi at home.
  • I was just in the Verizon store to purchase the DROID ERIS. The salesman asked me why I wanted the DROID ERIS. I said that it was the closest phone that Verizon has compared to the IPhone. He proceded to tell me that ALL Verizon stores will be carrying the IPhone in the summer. No exact date but he said summer of 2010. The employees have been informed. Can't wait!
  • Lynette:
  • Lynette:
    You just made my day!! :) :P i was about to lose faith in verizon. so THANX!!!!!!!!!!
  • silly people your more concernd with the network. Apple doesnt care about the network they care about money and the bittom line is the iPhone sales will sky rocket to those on other carriers that are loyal to their carrier im on sprint and were gonna get it cause neither att nor verizon has fg hahahaha wasting time on network talk its coming and u lil att-ers can stop gloating
  • atntchas a lot of dropped calls... just saying.
  • I can not believe how rediculous you guys are. You sound like my boys that are 6 and 8. Everything in the news, the blogs, and the Jared of this world that Verizon will put out a phone this year. It's all about making $$. I don't know much about download speeds but all doknow from all my friends that have (or had) an iPhone, is that it SUCKS as a phone. Great for web stuff and apps. Verizon on the other hand does have great coverage and great customer service. I've been on it for about 8 years or so. I would guess that verizon might be getting ready to beef up there network if it not ready for an apple product.
    I must say you all sound like the good old boys that use to fight over who's truck was better. ...the Ford or the Chevy.
    Buy what you like and shut the he'll up.
  • Could you imagine being able to drive this on the autobahnen? Talk about an experience