Verizon Attacks iPhone and AT&T... with Toys, Elves, and Xmas Blues?!

We have to admit, Verizon's latest, Xmas-themed iPhone and AT&T attack ads bring the funny. Continuing the savvy "map for that" (rather than silly DroidDoes), the first shows the land of misfit toys where an iPhone-looking device is condemned for its poor AT&T 3G coverage.

After the break, we have elves giving Verizon devices, with robust 3G coverage, to nice children and an iPhone with poor AT&T coverage to the naughty. And, lastly, a father has a blue Xmas when his iPhone can't reach his family (though a Verizon present awaits him when he finally gets home).

Attacking the iPhone on it's major front-facing weakness, much-hyped consumer dissatisfaction with AT&T's network is the kind of smart that is -- and, given Verizon's recent comments, may even be an attempt to show Apple the iPhone would be better off on a better network?

Of course, AT&T likely isn't laughing, given they're already suing Vewill likely take further issue with claims of 5x more 3G coverage, but they're already suing, right?

Rene Ritchie

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  • creative and funny commercial!
  • ok Verizon is going to get sued again lol and I think Apple and AT&T should release that 8GB 3GS. and honestly I think its BS about Verizon having 5x more 3G coverage. Plus I wouldn't buy a phone with a big branding of Verizon on it! iDon't have numerous brandings but Droid does!
  • How about this for a slam on the iPhone? Neither of these videos actually will play on the iPhone. Methinks they would play on the Droid...
  • I love my iphone but that is a funny commercial
  • This is good. As a consumer, I want choices.
  • I have to admit -- I love my iPhone, and I hate my coverage. (I drop calls in my apartment and can only use the internet apps because of my WiFi.)
    The second Verizon has its version of the iPhone (if that ever ACTUALLY happens), I'll switch in a heartbeat. . . . . or if another manufacturer makes a phone for Verizon that truly competes with my iPhone's ease of use and sync-ability with my Mac. I used to use Palm-branded products (Treos, Palm Pilots, etc) and hated the lack of really solid compatibility.
  • Love these adds, but I think its safe to say you won't be seeing the iPhone on Verizon for a loooooooooong time.
  • Haha, I just figured out that if you hide the YouTube icon using sbsettings, your phone won't play or display a preview of any YouTube videos at all. I guess it does more than hide the icon.
  • Wow they are funny!!!!!!! But is the AT&T map that verizon is using accurate...?????
  • It's one thing to attack AT&T in their ads, but to attack the iPhone is not a good move if you want to convince Apple that Verizon deserves an iPhone of their own.
  • I'm one of the very few satisfied with AT&T (live in Staten Island, NY where coverage is better than any other carrier). It's funny cause I love AT&T, but at the same time these ad's brainwash me into thinking it sucks. It's even tempting me to go to Verizon. Even though that would never happen, AT&T should really invest some money into improving coverage if that map is accurate.
  • I've had my iPhone for 2 years, AT&T for 12 years,and given them both fair trials. Now it's time to move on. I'm no fanboy.
  • Every 1. , if you notice verizon isnt bashing the iphone especially in the misfits video but they are bashing its carrier at&t
  • I have to admit, I laughed a little. Oh how I wish Verizon had an iPhone.
    VZW has better coverage, and I'm not normally one to pick a phone over service, but until this past year, I've never had issues with AT&T, but lately, their coverage around Chicagoland is crap 75% of the time.
  • I just laugh at how intimidated Verizon is to AT&T . It just shows how desperate verizon is, feels like high school, verizon is the mean girl and AT&T is the one who wins the boy at the end
  • My Charlamagne is life is-careful what you ask for.
    If the iPhone ever goes to Verizon, and all of a sudden they have to deal with 10 MILLION data hogs like what has happened to AT&T-I am reasonably convinved their network would hold up no better than AT&T.
    I live in an area with coverage on both networks about the same. I hate AT&T's customer service, it is worse than everone's, except Verizon's. Add to that NO interesting phones (droid, possible exception) and their UGLY ASS labeling, and I just have never gone to there. Seriously, the most unimagined and uninspired line up of Phone hardware ANYWHERE. How may friggin Samsung flip phones does one carrier REALLY NEED?
    Love the iphone. ATT? Don't love or hate them. Certainly wouldn't switch to Verizon just because I could though.
  • @P2hero
    yes the map is accurate for 3g service.
  • its not an attack on the iPhone but on the network, I must say it's a pretty darn good commercial. It shows the iPhone because its AT&T's flagship device and the reason why many people leave VZW. They're just trying to stop more people from leaving and VZW's CEO already said he'd welcome the iPhone.
  • VZW is starting the inevitable war between carriers. How much longer can these carriers boast a million plus new subs per quarter? We're reaching a saturation point where just about everyone in the U.S. will have a cell phone. The population of this country is not limitless. So new subs will have to be gained at the expense of another carrier and they're aiming at the next big dog which is AT&T.
  • Lol good thing I live in Canada good coverage and iPhone lol.
  • oh my goodness, burnnnn
  • they are going hard on att
  • Does anyone else have problems watching YouTube videos on their iPhone? I am on WiFi and it takes at least a minute to download a 1-minute YouTube clip. Horrible...reminds me of early Internet days...buffering, buffering.
    Is it an iPhone, ATT or YouTube issue?
  • First off verizon can suck the high hard one. I have full 3g in my area with AT&T and even the surrounding areas (upstate NY). So Im not going anywhere. I had verizon before I came to cingular 7 years ago. Bad service horrible phones and if you want to talk dropped calls I had more with verizon then I ever did with AT&T. Of course it depends on where you live. For the people on here that bitch and cry about AT&T. There's other networks out there you know. Just because you have shitty coverage or dropped calls in your area doesn't mean everyone else does. I hope that verizon does get the iPhone then all these morons can beat it. If you think things are going to be better on verizon with the iPhone guess again. Just like Tranceaddict said when they have 10 millions data hogs on there network they will have the same problems if not more than AT&T. Wait and see.
  • @jtz5 no problems here not sure what your problem is.
  • @tranceaddict do u really think VZW is gonna have 10 million iPhones users just like? You must be addicted to something else lol. AT&T has had problems from the very beginning and two yrs later still do.
  • I've been pleased where i live with att.I had sprint previously and they sucked coverage where i live. My father uses a verizon phone, and its extended network where i live. I guess im one of the few who have experienced no problems with at&t network.
  • I'm sure not ALL iphone users are going to flock to Verizon when or if it goes there. There's 2 groups of iphone users. These ones that suffer from the scarce coverage and the ones who don't. The ones who don't I'm sure will stay with AT&T, therefore not making such a load on Verizon. Also, these commercials are not attacking the iphone at all. Its directly attacking AT&T. If you notice the elf tells the iphone " you'll fit in here". Indirectly saying that the iphone should go to Verizon..or even better, maybe hinting that it will go to Verizon.
  • Wow. The iphone weaknesses keep coming out of the woodwork. I'd just avoid the thing all together. Too much suckage.
    Congrats on being the first smartphone with a virus.
  • uff im glad im from Puerto Rico here the att 3g coverage is awesome i have never have a problem with my iphone
  • ATT is better voice plus data service at the same time is a must. Verizon can't do that on their network.
  • Haha these videos are so creative love em. But I don't love my dropped calls!!!!!! Shape up AT&T you only hold me for so long. And I'm out if you don't fixs this network problem by the end of the year
  • @thor e And what virus is that? God I hate trolls.
  • wow, everyone really seems like they're done with the iphone. wait, no, everyone always has comments like this when a new smartphone contender emerges. remember the comments when the pre came out, how bout the storm. most of you are actually going to switch. for those of you who do switch to the droid, you'll be back on this site commenting how much you love it, when you don't it's the same as the guy at your work who got fired and comes back to tell you how much better off he is.
  • The misfit ads attack the carrier NOT iphone. Listen to it closely.
  • Actually a really funny commercial. That spotted elephant is awesome. As far as iPhone vs. Droid/whatever else, or AT&T vs Verizon... eh. Whatever. I've got work to do.
  • Desperate people, call for desperate measures. This reminds me of Microsoft's CEO taking jabs at the iPhone. The only thing "MISFIT" about the iPhone is the network. AT&T is horrible, but the iPhone is awesome. These ads just go to show you how bad the iPhone has messed with their business. I think AT&T and Apple should make a an ad with Verizon Towers shaking in fear the iPhone will take over the cell phone industry. Go iPhone!!!!
  • I'm in advertising, and all these commercials are well done. Unfortunately, they would've been far more affective in 2007 when the iPhone launched. Today, I'm not so sure how many people care about these coverage maps when they see so many people, including friends, family, and co-workers, using their iPhones with few problems.
    And for those saying the iPhone isn't being attacked, it doesn't matter. It's still being portrayed as a poor choice for being on AT&T. I'm not sure what point you're all trying to make.
  • "effective"
  • I left VZW in July for AT&T. Since I've got with AT&T not only do I have a better phone then VZW could ever dream of (iPhone obviously) but I live in a spotty area for all carriers (USCG base kind of in farm area) and I still get service. When I leave base and go into town I have FULL 3G service. On VZW I had the joke of a phone the Blackberry Storm and I dropped calls on VZW all the time even on full signal. Thats one big reason I ditched them. Driving from Maine to Texas I could never trust my phone to consistantly work. I also got a chance to play with the Droid and Blackberry Storm2 at the mall yesterday. I'm sorry but the Droid IMO is NOT a phone that can even compare to an iPhone. The Blackberry Storm2 still sucks and will never be a contender with any phone. Some may say I'm a fanboy but I used to hate Apple products and now I'm just a fan of higher quality easy to use products and thats what Apple offers. I'll stick with "spotty" coverage and the best phone on the market over "great" coverage and a list of crappy phones.
  • Call me a personal focus group but once my sister switched from Verizon to AT&T iphone dropped calls became an every day thing, and we live in NYC. My friends and I went to Vegas and everyone was using my Verizon phone because AT&T's coverage was non-existent. Those maps are correct which is why AT&T is suing, they say they are losing customers. Verizon has the best network and the Droid has gotten amazing reviews. I'm a major proponent of check it out yourself.
  • I laugh at this law suit. I think the ads are brilliant. They remind me of the Mac vs PC ads. Verizon is taking an issue that is perceived as a big problem (AT&T dropped calls, coverage, etc) and hammering it home, just like Apple takes the perceived PC problem and hammers at it. To those of you who have no problems with AT&T, just keep in mind I can give you plenty of examples of people who had no problems with Vista.
  • Verizon attacks apple, apple attacks Microsoft.... And the world goes round!
  • @Rosie
    I was in Vegas this past weekend with my iPhone. Didn't have a single problem with my phone or AT&T. Not one dropped call. Including the drive to and from San Francisco to Vegas. None at all.
    And just like that, your story becomes useless.
  • Try travelling outside North America with a CDMA phone and see how much service you get. Verizon makes you buy a GSM phone to take with you. Is there a map for that?
  • I will say this! Verizon so called 3g coverage is better in my area! But when traveling my iPhone has been a lot better than the storm! Also let Verizon 5 & 10 you! I have 2 iPhones with my wifes & I & pay $20 less than I did with Verizon!!
  • Has anyone seen the toys from misfit island one with the iPhone in it real funny
  • @stan the man
    thats not true. The BB Storm2, Tour, and HTC Imagio, Touch Pro2 all have a CDMA plus Quad Band GSM radios built in so you can use it worldwide
  • lmao that hillarious. iphone really does suck. i love my pre it does everything an iphone does only better and all at the same time. not like apple idea of "multitasking". And now the makers of the facebook app said they are abandoning any further work with apple due to apples app policies and willl be focusing on palm's webos!!!
  • I've had T-Mobile, AT&T, and now Verizon. T-Mobile sucked in the beginning but did get better over time (but still sucked) in my area of NJ. I was with them for 7 years and loved my MDA. I then switched to the IPhone 3G which I loved the safari and itunes part but hated the texting and how it always froze froze for no damn reason. The service was pretty good except in some areas like buildings. I then went to vzw and got the Blackberry Storm and loved how I got service in buildings and also loved how I can text without error with that phone and how the push email with blackberry. I now own the Storm 2 and Blackberry is coming out with more goodies to improve the multimedia part but I'd never go back to AT&T or the IPHONE. By the way Brian The Storm 2 is nasty !!! Service for me VZW but obviously depends on where you live but to be honest with all the phones VZW is starting release the iphone would be nice but isn't needed. No matter what phone you own it will have strengths and weaknesses just like service but you have to find which one fits your needs and what you want.
  • First off people really need to listen that many many AT&T customers have issues with their 3G. If you read about the lawsuit from AT&T they only state that it confuses people into thinking AT&T doesn't have cell coverage at all. They clearly accept the fact that their 3G is that small on the map.
    There is already talk that the iphone will be on the Verizon network in Q3 of 2010. I already know 10 people who would switch to the iphone instantly because of AT&T they love apple products but hate the service that comes with it.
    This is also a common thing. The Droid is a amazing phone. The iphone is an amazing phone. I will never own an apple product cause they are to locked down for me to play and I hate being told to live in a box when I can make it into what I want. But its great there is an option for everyone especially since I never have to be on AT&T again.
    Oh and if you honestly think VZ network can't support the new influx you are just dreaming. VZ has the best 3g coverage period of anyone across the US. I don't travel outside the US so I could care less.
  • Im sure this Question has come up before, but I have had an Iphone since 3g came out so that means my contract end in the middle of July, so say the Iphone comes out on Verizon before my contract ends... what does that mean for people like me that still want to use their iphone but their contract isn't over? Since I'm pretty darn sure just cause the Iphone is getting a switch doesn't mean I'm getting a switch without dealing with cancelation fees, and what not...