Verizon has unleashed yet another Droid-centric, anti-iPhone attack ad (YAAiPAA), a page in Sports Illustrated, that's closer to the first tragic iDon't commercial rather than the later, more clever "map for that" ones. And what's more, CNET thinks they're getting more personal, expressing feelings about their (ongoing) negotiations with Apple to bring the iPhone to Verizon, and perhaps even attacking Steve Jobs himself for his role in those negotiations. Here's the text:

This is a world of "nope," "nuh-uh," and "sorry, Charlie."

A world of smiling denial. Petty tyrannies that have made their way into our cell phones. Into the very way we choose to speak to another human being. There are dozens of doesn'ts. Doesn't all customization. Doesn't run multiple apps. Doesn't allow you to swap out batteries. doesn't allow open development. These arrogant little devices are barely worth more than the pocket link they rest upon. Because now there's a phone so smart, so strong. So subservient to its user, it refuses to include "doesn't" in its dictionary app.

In a world of doesn't. Droid Does.

Also specifically targeted again are the commonly-voiced frustrations of certain power iPhone users, and those philosophically opposed to Apple's iPhone model, with whom the above is certain to resonate. Who knows, maybe it will even push Apple to address some of those issues in a future product revision. Ultimately, that's as good for consumers as Verizon ditching (mostly -- yikes!) their own incredibly controlling, consumer-hostile practices in order to be able to make these claims in the first place. (Call us cynical, however, for not believing Verizon has had any huge philosophical turn-around beyond cold, profit-centric, anti-iPhone competitive positioning, though we'd love to be proven wrong).

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But back to this specific ad. Is it effective, and is it personal? Did they just take it to the iPhone, Apple, and Steve? (And are they trying to make his brain explode with that typography and punctuation alone?)

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