Verizon iPhone probably not coming next week

With the holiday shopping season upon us, launching the Verizon iPhone within the next week would make a huge amount of sense to everyone but AT&T, which is probably why there's a rumor going around that November 9 is the day. However, "confirmed reports" on the Verizon iPhone have consistently said early 2011.

The source of the November 9 rumors is a leaked Verizon document concerning the launch of an "Iconic Device" that day, which certainly could describe a Verizon iPhone. However, it's far more likely the document is referring to the Motorola Droid Pro, especially considering our sibling site, Android Central, got their mechanical little hands on another document that says just that. (See above).

I know lots of you are waiting anxiously for a Verizon iPhone, but I still think we'll need to see Steve Jobs hold one up on stage first, maybe at a special event all it's own, maybe as part of an iPad 2 introduction event in January or February 2011.

Are you tired of being teased yet?

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Rene Ritchie

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