More Verizon iPhone Rumors... In Time for WWDC?!

There's been a lot of noise lately about Verizon and the iPhone. Sure, some could be wishful thinking. Some could be to manipulate the ongoing Apple/AT&T negotiations. But could there be anything more to it?

We've heard rumors that an iPhone nano/lite/mini could be coming, and coming to Verizon alongside an iPhone-esque iTablet/iPad.

Yesterday on MacBreak Weekly, Scott Bourne claimed a Verizon insider contacted him and told him "Verizon is getting their own iPhone and the announcement will be in June". Sound like a WWDC 2009 "one more thing" for the ages?

This follows on our friend Duvi letting us know about a rumor posted on the forums:

It is confirmed that iphone is coming to Very soon...there is a training for all emp on the internal training intranet website.

Could be smoke and no fire, or it could be Verizon finally warming up the iPhone BBQ, what do you think?

Rene Ritchie

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