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New Verizon iPhone TV Ad

So, with the Verizon iPhone just around the corner, Verizon have already begun televising their new iPhone Ads.

The ad doesn't mention Verizon's network coverage or reliability, or make any attempt to draw customers away from AT&T. It doesn't mention new features like personal hotspot. Instead the advertisement is mainly focused on the fact that "The Wait Is Over".

It also seems to be a Verizon-made ad -- like the Verizon iPad + Mi-Fi ad -- while all previous ads (for AT&T) have been Apple ads.

Video after the break. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

[Thanks Ross!]

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  • I like it.
  • Haha cool ad.
  • Teasing people for another 3 weeks.
    Two if you pre-order :)
  • i love this ad
  • Lame.
  • With all their previous ads mocking the iPhone, if I was Apple I would have told Verizon to eat $#*t.
  • apple ripped on verizon too...for having a slower connection that AT&T, and not being able to surf while on a call. its marketing...they were working together when they made those ads.
  • bleh
  • Bleh? Not a fan of Verizon?
  • Cheesy.
  • beat...
  • Not a Verizon fan, but that is a clever ad. One of my few criticisms about AT&T is that they are absolutely pathetic at marketing. Verizon's marketing muscle will only help Apple. People need to forget the animosity in the past.
  • That's a great ad! Short and to the point!
  • The perfect "Less is More" style commercial.Says more than any ad T-Mobile's run the last two years.
  • Hello? Catherine Zeta Jones??
  • Exactly,at least with CZJ you had ads that were easy on the eyes.Can't think of any T-Mobile commercials after she left what were any good.The MyFaves ads weren't too bad but everything else was just annoying.
  • It's a good ad.
  • definitely a good ad. it doesn't even show the damn phone and it has us all talking about it. win.
  • What they really wanted to say was, "to all you dumb a$$es that just renewed your contract and bought Andriod garbage, this is for you"
  • Yes!!
  • pretty cool. verizon always comes through on the ads.
  • Cool commercial. Still not switching.
  • Great Advert. It does exactly what they wanted, got people talking ;)
  • I always saw AT&T's ads as childish and Verizon's as cheesy, this just puts the topping on the cake. Somewhat original as it is, Verizon needs a new advertising agency.
  • Woohoo! I'm going to sell my gsm iPhone for a verizon iPhone so I can have crappy service in my area, the worst customer service I have ever had (reason why I dropped them in the first place), and to keep me from looking up stuff for work while talking to my boss! Yippee!!!
  • Not bad. Simple.
  • I like it, it's a "Thank you for your loyalty ad."
  • I couldn't help but laugh. I'm sure those who were waiting will appreciate it though.
  • AT&T has made their own iPhone ads in the past way back.
  • Lame. They make Verizon customers look like lonely, pathetic nerds. They should have used the scene from Back to the Future where all the clocks go off.
  • ahh the haters...funny how this ad was true for all the AT&T people that CAMPED out for DAYS to get the new iPhone when it came out.. but now that it comes to verizon. its lame and cheesy haha F OFF.. first it was a war of what company had the best phones.. now.. its my phone company is better then your.. i cant wait till EVERY company has the iphone and steve jobs laughs at us all when the NWO takes over n we get out heads chopped off for not taking the chip under the skin HAPPY FRIDAY!
  • I thought that it was going to be a joke about the alarms not working.. haha. Nice advertisement! :)
  • @ Brian Dunn I was also thinking of the irony of the ad given all the problems with the clock and alarms lately.