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Verizon to offer iPhone in January 2011?

So much for those reports claiming Verizon was not interested in the iPhone as Bloomberg is now reporting the iPhone is indeed heading towards the carrier in January of 2011. The timing seems a bit odd to release such a device as iPhone 4 right after the holiday shopping season. Then again this timing may have been necessary as it may be exactly when AT&T's exclusivity agreement with Apple runs dry.

They are basing this latest Verizon rumor on information obtained from two separate sources that claim to be familiar with the rollout plans. All of these back and forth conflicting rumors have been entertaining to say the least but have also gotten old really quickly. Both Verizon and Apple declined to comment.

Any of you sending back your AT&T iPhone 4 to wait for this mysterious Verizon version? Sound off in the comments below!


  • Sigh.... Here we go again...,
  • Who cares
  • Are you kidding me? I thought they didn't want it like 3 days ago? And they didn't need it because there doing the google android os phones thing. Please enough with this nobody cares anymore.
  • I'm sick of rumors started
  • He we go again... Ppl will tell ppl anything to get a good laugh. I'm not believing anything until I see it.
  • And even if they did get it I'm staying put. AT&T is king to verizon where I live. People that say they have no signal, dropped calls with AT&T where they live? Well that's what verizon is where I live. Been there done it.
  • whateva!!!
  • Who cares Verizon sucks.... I would b more interested if they said sprint....
  • Bring it on. If Verizon gets the thing AT&T will probably have to lower costs to compete. ...If AT&T can survive the mass exodus of its subscribers, that is.
  • Keep that phone off my network! It's poison!
  • I'm with Danny. Who cares? The reason I say that is because Verizon has been notorious for taking fully functional devices and locking them down with software that limits the device. That is, unless you pay additional fees. I believe if Verizon would have signed the agreement with Apple instead of AT&T we would be paying Verizon to unlock the WiFi, the GPS and be charged everytime with upload or download pictures. Don't get me wrong, I dislike AT&T just as much as the next guy and their network leaves a lot to be desired. I just recall how frustrated I was 4 years ago trying to get features that existed on the phone to work without paying additional fees. Perhaps they have changed.
  • Ughhh....
  • Here we go again! First off, Apple doesn't release new iPhone models on January, let alone, announce! Second, if most people move out towards Verizon, it'll be the same issue. Connections will eventually suck when millions of people go to Verizon. Data over air will be over its capacity strength, (as it is now, a.k.a- it's just basically a slow network) and people will start complaining. In reality: at&t and iPhone are still a perfect match. Offers more benefits to mobile users, all at&t needs to do is improve their signal strength and availability. That's it. All Verizon only offers is more coverage with slower data speeds, no talk & browse and their ridiculously high cost plans/monthly charges. AT&T is probably more suitable with more improvements, and you're done.
  • @keynatl- Yeah, you're right. Sprint will actually be a better choice than Verizon. In reality.
  • According to my reliable sources ( cough, cough), theres going to b a t-fone on t-mobile next year! Yeh right!
  • Couldn't care less
  • BrianA, I challenge you to name me one Android or BlackBerry device that is locked down on Verizon. Also, let's not forget LTE will be up and running at 150M POP's by January. There goes the other argument - Verizon isn't GSM. VZW holds far more 4G spectrum than any competitor, including AT&T. That all adds up here. VZW just offers a much better path forward. Even if you are a GSM fan or live in an AT&T area where AT&T may be better, which is few and far between, matters little. VZW is the only provider with nationally continuous 4G spectrum, and they have more 4G spectrum than any other provider in every single CMA.
  • I won't be sending my phone back because of Verizon, I will be sending my phone back because it has a major design flaw that Apple has yet to address. The clock is ticking.
  • @Edie
    "All AT&T needs to do is improve their signal strength and availability" Jeez, you mean the glitzy marketing claims aren't working anymore? They actually have to provide a network to their millions of iSheep. Stay blind, stay in the dark, and stay in love with shiny thing. Most important of all keep your toys on your side of the tower. Ilike for mine to have plenty of reserve bandwidth.
  • I wish they would offer it in Jan on Verizon. Then my husband who prefers that carrier could have an iPhone too! For now I am planning to upgrade my second line in Jan and give it to my husband. It would make it a whole lot easier for him if they just got the phone. Apple really doesn't seem to show any love to it's customers. Blackberry throws in a nice leather pouch when you purchase one of their phones. Apple should have tossed a black bumper in the box to ease their frak up reception issue. They know how to soften the blow but just won't. Instead it's deny deny deny damn you Steve!
  • Att raised the termination fee to $350 with the iPhone 4, if verizon does get it that would be great, hopefully it would take some strain off of AT&T s network, I would not head over to verizon though, anyone watch the d8 conference, like steve said AT&T handles more data transfer than all of there competitors combined, with that being said I'm just happy att towers haven't melted down completely, if verizon, sprint , t mobile would have taken on the iPhone in 2007 their network would have major strain on it to.
  • Not going to happen, ladies.
  • Totally agreeing with @Edie on this one.
  • That would make sense. Maybe the AT&T exclusivity ends end on this year. Sounds like they could announce it along side the 2nd gen iPad. It would be nice to relieve some of this congestion on AT&T. I am happy and will be staying put.
  • I agree with MDFi ... that hopefully this will spark a healthy competition between the two that will lead to lower prices. I don't really care which one I'm on. Here in Las Vegas, AT&T tends to have better coverage throughout most of the city than does Verizon, so I've never had a problem with dropped calls on my iPhone like they do in New York and/or San Francisco.
  • Plus, who likes their unused mins being yanked away and stuffed with new mins at the end of the month , even with AT&T having dropped calls, it's nice to be able to have a year to use what u paid for in the first place, that's like going to a restraunt and not being able to take home the left overs!!!!!!
  • Until it's actually on the vzw store shelves, not gonna believe it...
  • Mac, Verizon will have plenty of 4G bandwidth for our "iSheep" and "iToys" and your FANDROIDS. Troll.
  • JG, that's kind of like yanking away unlimited data, isn't it? Who did that? Oh wait. AT&T did.
  • OMG STOP STOP STOP STOP. This is not going to happen. Apple has never introduced any iPhone in January, and they aren't going to make a CDMA iPhone anyway. If it ever comes to Verizon it'll be LTE, and that's noty happening in January. Seriously, let this BS die already.
  • Fraydog. Sprint owns more spectrum than any US carrier by a very large margin.
  • Hey fraydog..... Unlimited lol there is no such thing as unlimited first off , all networks had capped their data plans at 5g, so unlimited in not the word any of the networks should have used, second everyone that was with AT&T got to keep their " unlimited" plan, the new comers where stuck with 2gig cap, like I said any of the other networks that would have taken on the iPhone by themselves would have been in the same situation. And fraydog how do u like loosing all those old mins that you never had a chance to use that you wasting your money on ??? What a network !!!!! TROLL
  • Firesign, the 6 months to update thing is a debate I welcome as well. I for one do not know if Apple can afford to stand still on the 4 for an entire year. That's a decision for Jobs but if they could get a 4G out with LTE and CDMA support without increasing size along with a dual core processor and 64GB capacity... I say do it. Especially since the Android manufacturers will not rest on their laurels.
  • I will wait no matter how long it takes.
  • @firesign actually they released it in Thailand in January. They release iphones in plenty of countries at different times then in the U.S. the iphone 4 is not out in most countries and will roll out later this year through the end of the year. just cause i didn't happen before doesn't mean it won't happen. not saying this is true but just cause it perfectly possible.
  • Not for nothing, but reports like this are all some of us have to hang our hats on. I'm sure most of the people that subscribe in this forum are already iphone owners and can care less, but some of us won't leave their current carrier of choice for a phone.
    As a Verizon customer (in my area of North Jersey, it's the most reliable carrier out there), I've been suffering through the Blackberry Storm 1 for almost two years and dream of the day that the best smartphone out there is available on my carrier. It's articles like this that feed the dream and will probably keep me from jumping to the Droid X or any other Android device that drops before the end of this year.
    So, while this may be a snooze fest for all you guys that are already happy iphone owners, there are MILLIONS of Verizon customers that are foaming at the mouth for this rumor to finally become reality. Just my $0.02...
  • Brian@ im with you on that one , im trying to give apple till monday to come up with a decent fix for this. After that doesnt happen my phone is unfortunatly going back
  • JG, I am sending this on my iPhone. If you want me to send character references, that can be arranged. See my twitter for "twitter for iPhone" tags.
    Seriously? That's the best you have? Come again. Verizon has a soft 5GB cap that is rarely enforced. I am only on AT&T for the iPhone. Besides, you think I enjoy being on EDGE? Give me substantive arguments. AT&T was the best choice at the time, but things are changing. SJ is for skating where the puck is going, you're only looking where it has been.
  • Not sure this could really be true. Besides some of the reasons already mentioned, Verizon doesn't use SIM cards the way AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc. do. They have SIM "like" cards, but it's not the same.
    Besides which, pricing for both AT&T and Verizon tend to be very similar. You will end up paying the same regardless.
    As for coverage, yes, Verizon may have overall better coverage, but that's only because they don't have the strain on their network that AT&T has with the popularity of the iPhone, and now iPad as well.
    Couple things can come out of this: Verizon does in fact allow the iPhone with a special SIM (and some type of deal with Apple that will further hamper the full capabilities of the iPhone) and AT&T's network load is eased and coverage gets better.
    or, it's just more rumors again.
    or it's not rumor, and what Apple is doing is in fact allowing the iPhone with any carrier, and AT&T is just losing it's exclusivity and Verizon is jumping on the chance at marketing.
  • @Naugah, I believe LTE, as a GSM based tech, will use micro SIM cards. I could be wrong but Verizon will use that implementation. All the information about their LTE implementation is available on their website.
  • Wow soft!!!! Like it, fray it is still a cap, and if you are actually running on edge then that sucks!!!! Now..... Which way did that puck go???
  • @fray
    Twitter????? Now that's cute!!!!
  • Yes please! Me likey!
  • It's easier to say "that's cute" than refute carefully structured arguments, but I do have faith that SJ will make the right decision. Last I checked, 5 GB > 2 GB, by the way.
  • AT&T bumped everyone up due in 2010 for a reason.
    Apple is starting to run out of reasons to upgrade to a new iphone. Next iphone will have what...more storage?
    That said, Verizon is nonexistent in my area. Their 3G is too slow anyways.
  • Cute fraydog cute!!! Lol whatever you say
  • Why do you guys insist on beating this dead horse. You do it at least once a week. STOP already, unless & untell it is confermed!!
  • @Fraydog-"SJ is for skating where the puck is going, you’re only looking where it has been"
    And with Verizon's technology, i'm pretty sure Steve Jobs ain't skating anywhere near that puck.
  • I do have one correction. Sprint has more 4G spectrum than Verizon, but they are using it for WiMax, which isn't going to be supported by as many carriers globally as LTE, and most of their spectrum is in the 2.6 GHz range, not ideal for in-building penetration. If Apple were to release a WiMax iPhone it would be in addition to having it for LTE.
  • Fraydog
    im glad you know that 5gb is bigger than 2gb, all i said was that atts current customers got to keep 5gb. it sucks that they had to pull back to 2gb for new customers, but i guess they have to do something about it. what else would you like me to touch on fraydog so we can have a structured argument???
  • Where the puck has my bars whent , this antenna $h it sux... LoL
  • Edie, that would be true if Verizon was sticking it out with CDMA. That is not happening here. Verizon is moving to better technology than their competitors, the only reason that Apple would wish to not jump on that is money. Apple has to be offered a favorable deal.
  • How many times do we have to hear this STUPID rumor. These financial analyst reports (ie Bloomberg) are never right, they are only trying to move stocks. I wish tech blogs wouldn't report these erroneous speculations.
  • Actually waiting for the iPhone 5 now. I won't deal with the antenna problems. The iPhone 4 is unfortunately a version 1.0 phone at this point with the new design and look at all the problems that are popping up.
  • This news is as old as the Stonehenge.
    I think it's one of those stories to psychologically alter people's decision in signing on with AT&T hoping for another carrier will carry the iPhone.
    This could be a CDMA phone destined for a CDMA market outside the United States. That could be China.
    I don't see a reason why Verizon would carry the iPhone when they know its half-past its product cycle and a new iPhone will have been cooked by June 2011. Poor Android owners, a new phone just keeps sprouting up every now and then.
    This stories just prevent Verizon's stock from going down.
  • I'm back
  • Enough with these rumors. At this point, I'm only interested in a Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile phone when I see a press release or an event. Otherwise I'm not going to get all excited any more about dumping AT.
  • Dorito!!!!!!!!!!!
  • seriously?! we hear one of these rumors every other week, and NEVER get any FACTS to support them. I read a comment on another thread that I must agree with-Verizon spent A LOT of money on ads making fun of the iPhone (Island of lost toys anyone?). Steve Jobs does NOT take kindly to hostile marketing and WILL NOT give Verizon ANYTHING unless there is a HUGE paycheck in it. a Verizon iPhone deal would not turn a profit (for Verizon) for a LONG time.
  • ...come to think of it, why doesn't "TiPB" have a whole separate section JUST for RUMORS. That way, those of us who come for actual NEWS or advice, don't have to see them, and those who perpetuate said rumors as fact will have reference to them AS rumor.
  • This is why AT&T allowed all the iphone users to go ahead and upgrade now - they didn't want to lose them when Verizon announces an LTE iPhone available 01/11. As I am a Blackberry user, they wouldn't let me upgrade early - their loss as now I am going to wait till next year to find out what Verizon gets. Then I may just take both of my accounts to Verizon.
  • for Verizon saying that they were not interested in the iPhone4 - that is probably quite true. When they get it, it will be the iPhone 4G, probably with LTE, or maybe a CDMA/LTE combo.
  • Dorito 's it tha house!!! Lol
  • Did you miss me? Last night was interesting wouldn't you agree Danny ha ha.
  • Great.... I have just took my iphone 4 back... i made myself sick that I actually was about to use ATT again... I got home, and what do you know. No BARS... Thank you for the INFO... my wife is taking hers back tomorrow also. VERIZON AND IPHONE!!!!
  • @Fraydog- Okay. And so are you assuming that this January launch will happen? Not a confirmation, or anything like that. Just a "yeah, I think it'll happen"?
  • Verizon is the best network in the USA. A phone should have great call quality, low amount of drop calls which equals Verizon.
    --HTC Incredible is nothing short of it's name.
  • Fail. Too bad voice and data cant be used simultaneously on CDMA
  • iPhoneV = Verizon, aww I can see the Apple Marketing as we speak...or type...becuase we aren't really speaking. Verizon will obtain the best iPhone yet. So how much does it cost you guys to break your AT&T contract?
  • @dorito
    few hundred maybe, depending on when. The money is immaterial. CDMA blows, Verizon's network is overrated, their customer service is atrocious and I cannot use the phone overseas.
    Why is this great again? Its awesome for current AT&T customers who get more bandwidth if people actually do make the switch.
  • Ralph - you are correct that is too bad. It is also to bad you can only video chat using WiFi. Wouldn't it be nice if you could use the network and video chat anywhere? Well just like your video chat you can turn on the WiFi and use data and talk simultaneously on CDMA. Just an FYI.
    –HTC Incredible is nothing short of it’s name.
  • @dorito
    I have had the misfortune of seeing video chat on the Incredible and its not that incredible. Pales compared to Facetime.
    Also, note that Facetime being wifi only is temporary. Maybe AT&T is clearing the decks and with people moving to VZ, AT&T users will have ample capacity to video chat, in hi-res. Not that blurry, choppy crap the Incredible calls video chat
  • Ralph - well if I know Jobs he is such an innovator (which I am sure everyone here would agree) he is the best innovator of cellphones ever. He will build that functionality into his iPhoneV. Verizon does have international phones with sim cards. Just an FYI.
  • Ralph - You are correct. I am awaiting and interested to see the quality of video for facetime on AT&T as well.
  • Dorito
    Hi buddy!!!! To your ? About how much? It's $350.... Which sucks , but..... Font plan on leaving AT&T , sooooooo it doesn't matter in my case, I knda enjoy having my rollover mins!
    Also have u noticed tipb has taken all ur comments out of the other posts....???? Lmao
  • Come on dorito! You can't disagree that you wish verizon was nice enough to let u keep ur old mins?
  • Sorry, I am so angry! My mamma told me that if the iPhone came to verizon she would never buy me a chicken mcnugget again! The truth is... Who the heck cares if our favorite phone comes to Americas most reliable network?
  • Ok, at&t is better!
  • Lol macboy, how can anyone compare networks fairly when AT&T handles more data transfer than verizon sprint tmobile combined, they are estimating 45 million iPhone world wide by the end of the 3rd quarter, you can't sit here and say that if all the iPhones on AT&T s network where on verizons network, verizon would be just fine ? Lol no way.
  • AT&T s call quality sucks, but if ur going to compare networks, compare fairly
  • Edie... I'm not assuming that Verizon will get it in January due to the fact that we haven't had any changes in the June update schedule. If you get an iPhone 4 you should be OK for a year. Now after June 2011, all bets are off. VZW would also have to get an iPhone with a SV-DO chipset to enable simultaneous voice and data in non LTE areas. However, we need some sort of alternate carrier soon. Hopefully T-Mobile will get it soon.
  • How many times have we seen this stupid report. It is as old as the hills. But again for those wieners on Verizon that have to do this one more time here are the reason why Verizon WILL NOT HAVE THE IPHONE SOON; iPhone is GSM and will be LTE. Verizon is CDMA now and will be for MOST of 2011 with roll out of LTE for DATA not voice. Why would Apple create headaches for itself and why would Verizon do the same for a phone that would only work on a part of its network. Verizon passed on the iPhone and Jobs has a long memory. This goes with #1, why R&D and build a iPhone for the small amount of people on Verizon who would buy it? I mean really, if you really want the iPhone you would have got one by now for the most part. The small percentage of hold out is not worth it. Sorry, but this whole the iPhone is coming to Verizon in XXXXX is really getting old. If you must have Verizon, buy a Droid they are nice, especially the HTC ones. I have an iPhone 4 and an HTC EVO. The EVO is a really nice phone. I had to decided between an Android and Blackberry on Sprint and I am glad I chose the EVO. I had a Pre and really liked it, but it was getting old and I really do not know how long it will take the Palm HP to produce some nice new hardware. If it's with in a year, I am a Premier Customer and it will be another upgrade.
  • JG - I did not make that last post at 10:28 PM. Honestly I don't pay my cellphone bill my work does...I can pick from any network. I fig with all the travel I do Verizon was the best for that.
    JG - I did see that person removed my posts. I guess this site isn't like Fox news...fair and balanced. What are your thoughts.
  • @ Macboy 15
    You have me confused, it is already on America's most reliable network in some independent tests, or do you mean America's other most reliable network Sprint? I know you could not be referring to Verizon, the only one that talks about their network is Verizon and their fanboys. No independent tests done recently have said that about Verizon.
  • scottae - HTC has some of the best phones in the market place today!
  • scottae - FYI - Sprint is the best bang for the buck. You will not find better service and plans anywhere else. T-mobile MIGHT be a little cheaper but their service is the worest.
  • @ Dorito
    See my comment to Macboy 15 about the best network. One clue, it's not big V.
  • @ Dorito
    I have Sprint, that's how I have the HTC EVO 4G. I also have AT&T because I want the iPhone and they are the only network with it now and for the foreseeable future.
  • As much as I like to disagree with u dorito I have to say removing all your comments is taking it alittle to far but I see why they did lol you are annoying !!!!!!
  • JG - I am not annoying...maybe to you bc I don't own an iPhone. However let's stay on task or Fox News will come back and remove this post. Verizon = iPhone.
  • Dorito you never answered my ? From 251 comments ago! What flavor dorito chip are u?
  • People talking about how fast Verizons 4G network will be, AT&T 3G network will be faster when Verizons 4G is launched, AT&T 3G network hasn't even come close to being capped and can grow all the way to 21mbps, LTE will only be 5-12 Mbps when it launches on Verizon, plus those of you who are criticizing AT&T for dropping unlimited data, it's called you pay for what you use, someone who uses 1 gigabyte a month shouldn't have to pay the same as someone who uses 5 gigabytes, plus it's hard to get over 2GB a month anyways, unless you stream videos daily, I applaud AT&T for the move, plus I'm saving 15$ a month, which over 2 years will save me 360$, thanks AT&T!!
  • Right on Jim !!!!!!!
  • Some trollers here have argued about AT&T having to grant upgrade eligibility early as truth to this iPhone-on-Verizon-1/11 story. Hey guess what, Verizon did the same thing on their announcement of the Droid X/2. Both AT&T and Verizon now have early upgrade eligibility for any contract ending now through end of year.
  • New iPhone AT&T Commercial
  • Censorship is great!!
    I love iPhones, Verizon, AT&T.
  • Dorito- if you don't have an iPhone, and you think the "Incredible" lives up to its name,(and i assume you're also owning one) then what are you doing here? Go to android central and have fun there.
  • First off sprint doesn't even own their own towers so lets put that to rest. And recently there was a test done about most dropped calls and sprint was at the top. And who wants to buy stuff on a network that for over two years has been telling their customers all they have to do is flip a switch and the very few people that get cell service through them will have 3(att) I mean get real people. Droid x and incredible are faster more reliable devices. And rollover mins are a gimmick. What are u gonna do with 3000 left mins if u have a bunch left over u are on the wrong plan. And one last thing. Verizon's unlimited data is unlimited on the handset as long as u aren't tethering.
  • Correction on my post att was at top of dropped call list. Then sprint. Then T-Mobile. Oh and verizon was last.
  • @Ib-test for Sprint having more drop calls? Where is this test. Last time i heard, Sprint was second to at&t on speed test, was one of the most reliable networks, and actually has 4G active in over 32 markets? And how many 4G markets does Verizon have? like 2. Exactly. Btw, i have my proof of test. It's on PC world. And Sprint does own their towers. If they didn't then there wouldn't be no Sprint and topping Verizon off with their speeds and quick connectivity.
  • The iPhone will come to other networks eventually, but lets think about this 2011 VZW will have a LTE network and so will AT&T one way or the other we will see iPhone on other networks much more mass spread. If the five year AT&T and Apple is stell standing the day of 2011 is the first day that Apple can bring the iPhone to any other network fitting perfectly in the rumored time January of 2011 that is my 2cents.
  • @ dorito : are you a guy!? Or a girl!? If a guu Are you cute?! How old !?
  • lb just so you know Sprint built their network from the ground up. They started with nothing. And you are right they sold their own towers to a company that will maintain them for sprint. This reduced headcount for sprint and will save them money in the future. They are still sprints towers iMonkey. Fyi Sprints network is better than ATT.
  • Jax - how are you today. Do you live in Jacksonville.
  • Renee, for the love of god, stop! just stop. it's not happening. apple isn't releasing anything on the 3rd world CDMA setup. and it has a FIVE year exclusivity deal with AT&T, not 4, not 3.5. please stop these boring rehashed stories dude, it's getting really old, really fast
  • Please just stop reporting this.
    One Apple is not going to make a CDMA device. Two, Apple likes control and Verizon will not give that up. Three, Apple expects large kick backs on the sale of their device and Verizon is not going to pay them the amounts they want. Please stop the madness. The iPhone will be on Sprint or TMobile before Verizon.
  • I think this blog, and others like it, have milked this headline for far too long. The bottom line is you'll see an iPhone on Verizon when/if it's officially announced by Apple and Big Red. This subject has been regurgitated ad nauseam.
    Find some real news or just don't post. Seriously, you must be getting paid by the post to keep hacking away at this NON-story.
  • We run a company called and buy used cell phones. Not surprisingly about half of the phones we are receiving now are iPhones I assume from people upgrading to the iPhone 4. I say not surprising but we have never seen this kind of volume driven by ONE phone before. This did not happen with the release of iPhone 3Gs. If Verizon starts marketing the iPhone in 2011 I assume we will see a flood of people selling us their AT&T iPhones! It is pretty amazing.
  • Well its true iphone is going to the 3g giant. January is the big date the reason for next year is that att is pushing a last holiday sale of the iphone. So get ready and can't really tell where I got my info from so they can keep there job.
  • I know this really is actually boring and you are skipping to the next comment, but I just wanted to throw you a big thank you - you cleared up some things for me!
  • I am just so glad that I discovered Remote Starters for Cars! It only took me about four hours to setup mine and I'm not even an auto mechanic!! The remote that I have with my product is pretty cool lookin too. Although I'm thinking of bumping up to a security alarm here soon with the 2 way remote, what do u think?
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