Verizon Sniffing Around iPhone 4G?

According to the Wall Street Journal (via Apple Insider), Verizon thinks that technology may finally give them a chance for a second bite at this not-at-all proverbial Apple after all. At least CEO Ivan Seidenberg really, really thinks so.

Ah, Verizon. First you said, "no thanks!" when Apple offered you the original iPhone. Then you thought you'd just wait for Steve Jobs to disappear and take his iPhone with him. Despite a huge segment of your users still clamoring for the iPhone, you gave them the BlackBerry Storm instead. When that fizzled, you looked to Nokia for an "iPhone Killah", but ultimately asked your customers if they would have stayed for the iPhone you first rejected.

Now you see a chance for redemption in the next generation 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) network technology that GSM carriers like AT&T and CDMA carriers like Verizon are both racing towards.

Will Apple end exclusivity with AT&T to grow into other user bases? Will Verizon get its second chance? Hey, if all else fails, at least domestic unlockers may appreciate an option other than T-Mobile for future generation US iPhones, right?

Rene Ritchie

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