Video iChat References Removed from iPhone 3.2 SDK Beta 4

9to5Mac continues to search the latest iPhone 3.2 SDK beta and have found that Apple has removed all of the video iChat references that were found in the first beta a few weeks back showing icons for accepting and declining video chat, as well as strings referencing the same functions.

Could this be a intentional move made by Apple to hide this feature until the big announcement or has it been scrapped by none other than Steve Jobs himself? The video iChat feature has teased us all in the past, hopefully we find out once and for all this summer if we will be so lucky.

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  • I don't wanna get too excited. But still I want this feature soo badly! Who cares if it's popular in Europe! I want to do it. Lol. Even though the ratio of video callers is that of the ratio of actual iChat users. Lol. But I would still use it. :)
  • I said it in a prior post. The iPhone won't have a front facing camera for the next generation model. They will do a (next gen iPhone is to the 3GS what the 3GS was to the 3G) kind of thing. End of story. You optimists can be let down if you want to but I want Apple to WOW everyone legitimately. Not just throw lipstick and mascara on a pig. Albiet a pretty pig. The pig reference is there because it symbolizes a creature that consumes the waste of others. Much like apple consuming the waste of other cell phone feature, texting, video, tethering etc... All things others had before apple. I love the iPhone but it is a evolutionary device. Not revolutionary.
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