Vive les iPhone Price Drops! Le Prep for 3G?

Ars Technica (via Market Watch, via Les Echos) reports that French iPhone carrier Orange may be the third European country (after Germany and the UK) to begin discounting the 8GB iPhone.

Unlike the previously mentioned Germany and UK, these price cuts are said to come on the heels of what's considered disappointing sales for Apple's phone debut in the land of brie and champagne.

Having moved 100,000 units in 4 months, at an averaged rate of 325 a day according to Apple Insider, Orange executives appear to be denying any disappointment, while the 3G rumor mill continues to push any discount in Europe as the clearing of stock in advance of the next generation release.

Did European execs over-order in face of the US success? Does the buzz and the high percentage of users who switched carriers just to get the coveted iPhone offset mere unit sales? Was 2.5G doomed in Europe from the start? Or are the 3G-Files right and this is just the next step towards next gen? What do you think?

Rene Ritchie

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