The Wall Street Journal, yanking the curtain away from the wizards behind the iPhone jailbreaking scene, reveals a group of highly precocious teens, twenties, and thirty-somethings.

Now, if you're the kind of personal who gets disappointed when they find out Hulk Hogan's real name, prepare yourself for the unmasking of Chronic and Dev Team members -- it's equally less-than-cool.

If you just want a peak behind the scenes, however, check it out:

Ari Weinstein spends his summers riding his bike and swimming. This year, the 15-year-old had another item on his to-do list: Foil Apple Inc.'s brightest engineers and annoy chief executive Steve Jobs. [...] "Coding and testing things that may or may not work, and figuring things out, is a really rewarding experience," says Ari.

[Thanks Icebike for the tip!]