Walt Mossberg Says iPhone Beats BlackJack and Treo 750

Wall Street Journal columnist, Walt "Uncle Walty" Mossberg says iPhone beats out the BlackJack and Palm's new Treo 750. High praise indeed coming from such an Apple shill unbiased product reviewer.

"...But if you're in the market for a smart phone and can afford $499, you might want to wait until June for the Apple iPhone. The Apple entry is so full of promise that anyone buying a smart phone in 2007 should at least wait for the full reviews and a chance to try it out."


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  • LOL!!! OMG that photo of Walt is hilarious! :)
  • Beware of companies that have to constantly change names in order to try to keep their market share. Even if the Iphone wasn’t saddled with a lame, nagging, incompatible interface like Itunes, having to deal with the horrendous customer service that Cingular or AT&T (or whatever name they are trying to hide behind) will make the device the biggest waste of money since the Fat Mac. Yes, I have $3800 worth of empty, orphaned, promise holding a door open at my house. I also have box with two useless phones that I bought from Cingular last year. I had to give up and get a real phone company when I couldn’t even find a complaint department, let alone anyone who could do anything but ask me to deposit more money.
  • i have a blackjack and everytime i try to get flash player it says cant be viewed on this device is there any way to get it on my phone without having to pay for it,all wanna do is watch videos on youtube so can someone help me out lemmie know
  • Много ненужного как мне кажется, но в вобще думаю так и есть.