White iPhone shows up in order systems, available Feb 27?

The white iPhone 4 has shown up in Best Buy and Vodafone Germany's order processing systems with an availability date of February 27.

Of course these hints are always hit and miss as retailers sometimes create placeholder entries based on the same type of rumors you read right here on TiPb so take this with a white iPhone 4 sized grain of salt.

Apple's only official word on the White iPhone 4 has been "coming this spring" so February might be a touch early. However with the Verizon iPhone set to ship on February 10 and an iPhone 5 almost certainly following in June the window for a white iPhone 4 is already very small. (Even Leanna has gone after market!)

What do you think, will we finally see the white iPhone 4 soon and if so, too late or better late than never?

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