Who Says iPhone will Kill RIM?

The National Post has published an interesting story about Apple's sudden appearance in the smartphone market, how its presence will impact all major players, notably Palm and RIM. For better or worse iPhone certainly forces both companies to rethink their product strategies and take software more serious, which hasn't been the case for RIM and Palm.

Still, that doesn't mean iPhone will be an instant success...

"Apple's success is not a fait accompli - Wireless is hard!" Mr. Abramsky wrote in a research note. "RIM's experience, enterprise focus, and strengths (battery life, e-mail, keyboard, network, carrier distribution) may limit i Phone's threat." However, he acknowledges that iPhone's thin and sleek design, features and already powerful iTunes and Apple brands could prove a hit, which could damage RIM's consumer momentum."


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  • RIM isn't the one who needs to be worried. Motorola and Nokia (especially NOKIA) are the ones who stand to lose big time. Nokia just launched a new line of high end multimedia phones that nobody is going to want now that Apple has dropped this bombshell.
  • Oh, I think RIM stands to lose among prosumers who purchase their own phones. Corporate customers that procure phones for their workforce will still chose Blackberry, so I don't see that changing.