iPhone 6 to support LTE in 2012 via Qualcomm MDM9615?

Just like our good friends over at The Cell Phone Junkie have been saying pretty much all along, the Wall Street Journal's own people familiar with those briefed on the sources are now chiming in with WiMax- and LTE- (Long Term Evolution) busting reports of their own.

[The next generation iPhone] won’t operate on long-term evolution or WiMAX fourth-generation networks.

Which has always made sense, given the proper chipset for lower-powered LTE won't be ready until 2012 and WiMax has no real footprint outside of Sprint.

Still, iPhone 5/iPhone 4S should support HSPA+, which AT&T, Rogers, et. al will still call 4G anyway... But that will leave Verizon -- and Sprint, if they get the next generation iPhone today as expected -- stuck on the slower, more limited EVDO Rev A for another year. Would that weigh into your carrier choice at all?