Working Flash on iPhone and iPod touch?

We all know Flash isn't going to come from Apple, but it appears the man responsible for the Spirit Jailbreak may also have gotten Flash up and running on the iPhone and iPod Touch anyway. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that if and when a capability like this is released, you'd have to be jailbroken in order to use it.

This appears to be a very early release but it still shows potential for those who really want/need Flash on their iOS devices.  Perhaps an iPad release would follow shortly?  Any iPhone or iPod Touch users out there who would jailbreak just in order to get Flash?  Real or fake? Hit the jump for a video.

YouTube link

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.

  • Depends. Would it run seamlessly in Safari?
  • Definitely real, and if Adobe hadn't dropped the ball when Apple gave them the opportunity to create a build of flash that worked up to Apple's standards, we might be using it today...
  • i jb anyways and flash would be bonus. my phone is not 18 years old so flashing it is illegal. i do any way and hide from law, yes?
  • I would definitely JB to get flash on my iPhone.
  • JB allows the user to take advantage of all the iPhone has to offer. What it does prior to being JB is what we at Apple are comfortable with the device doing.
  • I think it's cool for those who want it but I've been browsing on my iPhone for 3 years now and I haven't missed it so I don't know why I would start missing it now. Steve already called JBers criminals how would he react to this LOL
  • I have no idea what just happened in that video??
  • Whether we love or hate Flash, there are still MANY websites out there that use it.
    I would defiantely jailbreak for that reason alone (but there are still so many other reasons to jb)
  • I jailbreak already, but flash is neither here nor there for me. If it's free on Cydia, I'll probably pick it up, but I won't pay for it.
  • The only reason i would want flash on my iphone would be for Hulu and it wont work on a mobile device anyway so ill have to pass on this. Pretty bad ass that this person got it up and running tho.
  • Flash can't even run on my mac with out locking it up.
    I've done with out it don't want it.
    HTML 5 all the way and i'm glad that it's going that way with the mac adobe stick to Photoshop it's what you do best.
    flash is dead, dead as a dodo
  • This has to be one of the worst videos I have ever seen. Can't see what is going on at all. I don't JB now and I am not going to do it just for Flash.
  • The first thing in the video is Strongbad. It's an internet cartoon done entirely in flash. The fact it's showing up at all on an iPhone is the point of the video. He's got Flash up and running.
  • its your ipod/iphone/ipad you wasted your money on it so might as well get your moneys worth with extras :) JB
  • Let's see, jailbreak + flash. Sounds like a recipe for problems.
  • How can u own a iphone, go to iphone blogs and not jailbreak a iphone to see the true potential. jailbreak + flash sounds pretty damn good to most of us iphone/ipod fans
  • Lol I guess I just don't get this whole flash thing. I could careless if it runs on my iPhone, MacBook, iMac, ipad, or my windows machine never have Never will. It always been a piece of poop. As long as there a good alternative out there to adobe. Who cares. I would always like to add rush rules.
  • I neither want nor need Flash on my iPhone or iPad. I would more likely jailbreak my devices if it meant I could get rid of Flash.
  • What I am unsure of is where he is getting the flash source code from. I certainly wouldn't think it's from Adobe. Is it one of the open source flash projects? And aren't they limited in compatibility?
  • What is the deal with this jb phobia? Hell yeah I'll try it
  • I have never jailbroken my 3GS but I view flash websites on it every day !! Via Mocha VNC Lite, a free app, off a remote VNC server. I should post a video of it on YouTube - it would probably freak a few choice people out
  • Wow! If you hold your iPhone just right, you too can get a chandelier to appear! Magic!!
  • If it's real, damn straight I would JB my phone to get flash working since Apple is going to be stubborn.
  • Awesome, I hope it embeds in Browser now that would be sweet. Keep it up!
    To flash haters... youre just ignorant fanboys repeating everything you read in a blog. Im a web developer. Flash is part of the internet. I guarantee you 100% that HTML5 will never replace it. HTML and FLASH are completely different things for completely different porpuses.
    Jobs just wants a good excuse to not having flash on the iphone, whatever his reasons are.
  • couldnt see this properly, very shaky camera work.
  • Ok, first of all, why are there people sAying that they don't want flash? Everyone has come to this website because they want flash on their iPods, lol. Isn't thAt just denial? They say " I want flash... Oh wait, I can't get it... Nevermind, I don't need flash anyways!!"
  • I think I'll be jailbreaking my iPod touch just for flash. Apple like to blame adobe but it takes 2 to tango. Maybe apple should try n support flash by making an operating system that doesn't crash so easily. And while they're at it they could add a delete button to their damn keyboard:)