Would you be interested in a water resistant iPhone? Samsung has just launched a rugged, water resistant version of their flagship Galaxy S4 – be sure to check out Android Central's review – but they aren't the first OEM to dabble with a high-profile water resistant device either. Sony's recent high end offerings the Xperia Z and Xperia Tablet Z have both had this ability, along with a host of 2012 devices. Using a phone in or near water seems like a strange notion for many, but for some folks being able to withstand the wet stuff is essential. Previously, those people would have to settle for a lower end offering in some chunky, rough and tough package. With Samsung and Sony leading the way, would water resistance be a welcome addition to the iPhone?

While Samsung has altered the physical appearance of the Galaxy S4 with the launch of the Active, Sony's Xperia Z is a very different affair. It's all glass and metal, very sleek, with no hint of it's water repelling abilities. Both manufacturers are pretty serious about the capabilities of their respective devices too. Back at IFA 2012 in Berlin, I recall vividly a Sony display at their booth where some of their then current devices were sat under what's best described as a waterfall. Then, at Samsung Premiere in London, the Active was happily displayed sitting at the bottom of a tank of water.

There are certain design compromises that need to be met to keep water from entering a smartphone, but as Samsung and Sony have both proved, it's doable while still creating an attractive looking device. Apple could no doubts easily achieve similar results, but the Lightning port for example would probably need covering with some kind of flap. But for those outdoors types, the iPhone isn't a sensible choice at the moment, so add in a little water resistance and Apple could have a whole new type of customer. What do you guys think though? Would you get excited if future iPhones were water resistant, or is it something you could care less for? Drop your vote in the poll up top and your thoughts in the comments below!