Woz Jailbreak\'s Griffin\'s iPhone

If Fake Steve weren't taking some "vacation" time to allow his alter-ego's to move from Forbes to take over Steve Levy's job at Newsweek, he'd no doubt be all over this.

Seems Woz, who co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs in a garage during the age of aquarius (or something), in between Segway Polo matches and paying for hamburgers with uncut sheets of $100 bills, found some alone time with his honey, celebrity funny woman Kathy Griffn, in the back of a limo.

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What to do, what to do...

Why, live-vidblog (or whatever the big media equivalent of that is) the jailbreaking of her iPhone! What else?

A combination of Woz's massive watch and Griffin's neon-orange case may blind you for life, but if you just gotta see the geekbait, check the video over at Engadget.

O.P. Original Pirate, y'all! JAR!