WWDC Banners: More iPhone than Mac?

We linked to a WWDC banner a few days ago that highlighted iPhone apps. Looks like it wasn't alone. Cocoia Blog has posted a few more pictures, another on apps (covering the entire front entrance facade of Moscone Center, above), and one on iPhone OS 3.0. Not so many for Mac OS X Snow Leopard, which simply retreads, and now has to share the "World's most advanced operating system" tag. Check out the full post for more, but the disparity led them comment:

It does seem like the Mac is just a small side-note, though.

Since both run versions of OS X, and we've seen several times that technology from each one get factored back into the other (iPhone Quicktime is said to advanced Quicktime X for Snow Leopard), there's no doubt plenty of work still going into both, but the emphasis may show where Apple thinks a lot of its future revenue and attention may lie...

Rene Ritchie

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