Yahoo! oneConnect Preview Hits the iPhone!

While our own Dear Leader is off live-blogging in San Francisco (no, sadly not for Apple but for CTIA oh, so close by), he hasn't forgotten us, and indeed has just sent in word from the field of Yahoo! oneConnect for -- what was last year's "device unmentionable" -- the iPhone.

"Pulse feature is sweet!"

And just was is the pulsey sweetness of which Dieter speaks? Yahoo! says:

Yahoo! oneConnect's "Pulse" view (pictured, via Business Wire) combines the social activity of the web with mobile phone contacts, providing consumers with a dynamic overview of what friends are up to.

oneConnect looks to be all about combining contacts, SMS, social status messages, and activities into one integrated view. Your social heads-up display, as it were. Marco Boerries, executive vice president, Yahoo! Connected Life, PR-speaks:

“The iPhone has ignited and captured the imagination of what a mobile phone can do. The rich feature set of the iPhone enables the best way to experience oneConnect. The powerful combination of Yahoo! Blueprint, the mobile platform, and the iPhone SDK, was leveraged to create this unique experience of oneConnect for millions of iPhone users.”

Preview's available now, for FREE, via iTunes!

Rene Ritchie

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