iPod Photo In DockSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Someone had an iPod Photo, an iPod Photo, and an iPhone laying around.
  • So they got creative.
  • The result is a video with more cables, dongles, and iPods than most.

I've shared videos from the "Will It Work?" YouTube before and I'm doing it again because this might be one of the best ones yet. And it involves the iPod Photo which I bet a ton of people forgot even existed.

The video takes us down the twists and turns of memory lane as we watch an iPod Shuffle be used as the vessel for photos that will ultimately be transferred to an iPhone. But not before they've found their way to the aforementioned iPod Photo.

After that, we get to see a BlackBerry, one of Nokia's finest, and much more. And it all revolves around one of the forgotten iPods. Really, who didn't love the iPod Photo?!

In this video, I will attempt to connect a variety of devices to the iPod Photo, and see which ones can be used to transfer photos.

If anyone wants me I'll be trawling eBay for old iPods and random Nokia things to plug into it.