You can now track #Brexit polls using Apple Wallet on your iPhone

Finding it hard to keep up-to-date with latest poll figures on people's opinion surrounding the upcoming EU referendum? You can now easily track latest poll numbers using Apple Wallet on your iPhone. The UK will head out to the polling stations on June 23 to vote whether or not the country remains part of the European Union and you can see just how people are thinking in the polls as the date draws closer.

As reported by NiemanLab, Politico is utilizing Apple Wallet to test just how it can use the wallet platform to provide not only latest poll numbers from the referendum, but also publish news bulletins and more.

If you're wanting to stay in the loop, be sure to add the EU Referendum Tracker card to your Apple Wallet. (Note that you'll need to fill out the form and download it on your chosen iPhone.)

Rich Edmonds