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Enter to win a (Product) RED iPhone 7 from iMore!

Red iPhone unboxing
Red iPhone unboxing (Image credit: iMore)

WWDC is underway and with it comes a lot of new software to test out! iOS 11 and the first iOS 11 beta will no doubt be among them! You'll want in on it, no doubt, but you may not want the uncertainty that comes from putting beta bits on your main phone. That's why you'd probably love a new phone to go along with the new OS. So let's give one away!

If you want the latest hotness — literal five-alarm fire, all-the-hearts hotness — then you want the (Product) RED iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Added bonus to this iPhone looking amazing and unique, Apple donates the extra $100 above the base iPhone 7 price to support the (Product) RED charity and its work fighting AIDS!

The Prize: One lucky iMore reader will win a new (Product) RED iPhone 7!

The Rules: There are multiple ways to enter, each with varying point values, in the widget at the bottom of this post. Complete all of the tasks by clicking each option in the widget for maximum entries and your best shot at winning! Keep in mind that all winning entries are verified and if the task was not completed or cannot be verified, a new winner will be chosen. The giveaway is open until June 30th, and the winner will be announced right here in the widget shortly after the close date. Good luck everyone!

iMore is giving away a red iPhone 7!

PRO TIP: As you'll notice, you can come back DAILY to earn MORE entries by simply participating in the iMore forums. Make sure you participate daily AND log your entry in the widget to maximize your odds of winning! Good luck!

  • No thank you Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Troll Alert!
  • Yes please.
  • Come on. i feel Lucky!!
  • Yes I will be more than happy with one. My son needs a phone
  • Sign me up, please.
  • Yes, please sign me up for the product Red!
  • I'm in!
  • Red is the new Black.
  • Good luck everybody.
  • Sure, sign me up.
  • Would love to work with an iPhone!!
  • I want one sure! With the price it costs here in Brazil I can sell it and buy a house ;)
  • You know I need to update my Moto G1 :P good luck everybody! thanks Michelle and Mobile nations for this opportunity.
  • Yes, sign me up!!
  • Red is my favorite color. And it's time for an upgrade.
  • Looks great! Would love to win :)
  • I told my wife that I'll win it for her, but she's waiting for the next update later this year. Ok by me. It's me for the win!
  • I love the iphone Red. I want to win it.
  • Love the iPhone Red. I want to Win....
  • Red!! Love it
  • Give me Red!
  • Please... this one is mine ! :)
  • Give me that RED!!!
  • Yes, would love one!
  • Really ready for the Red!
  • Red is Nice!
  • Just made my first entry!! Just wish I could view/ read the complete 'terms & conditions' (the rules!) incase there's the usual "catch" ( there's usual one of those hidden rules that will disqualify the entrant, like 'you may apply once a day but NOT within the same 24 hr period???). But thanks imore for the opportunity to win!!
  • I hope I win one...I need to get my mom a phone...since the one she really outdated!!
  • Awesome
  • Sign me up, please. I would love to win and I feel lucky about this. If I didn't win, congrats for whoever did win. Good luck to everyone!
  • Just let me know when to pick it up
  • I like red apples and ESPECIALLY red iPhones so I hope my wife will allow me to look at it. It will be for her because her present mobile is old and soon the network will be closed and her phone will be a thing of the past.
  • I want a Red iPhone 7 more than God wants me to.
  • I hope I will win.
  • Plesase post More app for android
  • Thanks... so excited for the opportunity to win this RED iphone 7... my husband has never owned a cell phone so this will be for him!
  • Don't give it to diamondchick she sounds like she has enough. Give it to doesnthavediamondsstephen. He has 6 kids.
  • Probably won't win but its worth a try right X)
  • Would be pleased to win this from a great online company.
  • I would love to give this to my wife to bring her into the Apple fold
  • I love RED (Products)
  • this colour is so beautiful
  • RED is awesome!
  • @imore Thanks for sweepstake I hope everyone would have equal chance to win the iPhone Red and all the best to everyone..
  • I'd love one! I saw the red color in the store and it looks beautiful! Please, iMore, pick me pick me!
  • I hope I win in this contest becoz I don't have money to buy phone , I'm just borrowing my friends or parents phone. I hope I win. 😊
  • Pick me! Pick me!
  • hello im sure im gonna win.....hahahahaha
  • I would like to be entered into the drawing for the red iPhone 7. Thanks.
  • i want this for my future,because i need this to my work,i need this to feed my family.. thank you for the chance hope i can win this,because i didnt have iphone for the rest of my life...
  • Happy to participate!
  • Hope it finds its way to my home.
  • The whole beta bits, new beautiful color, ios 11 is exciting on it's own but to actually win one of these phones?!!! To finally be able to give my beloved (16 yr old!) granddaughter a phone, an "I-PHONE"??! OMG, you have no idea!!!😎👍🏼❤️
  • That's would be my amazing anniversary present .... my gf love it . Good luck to everyone
  • I really enjoy how Apple takes a stand on AIDS it's quite rare for a company to support something like this good luck to everyone!
  • I'd love to surprise my wife with a red iPhone from iMore.
  • Adoro el red...gracias por el concurso
  • Great raffle!
  • Need new phone stuck with my old 4S without a crack or anything on screen so no reason to get an upgrade unless i win this... Wish it wasn't red
  • Wow, great offer. I would like to win this.
  • This is an exciting time of the year to come to imore each and every day to get the latest Apple product related news & info.
  • Now make a red apple watch!
  • Hope to win this. Great opportunity
  • Whomever you pick or whoever wins...may the most deserving win
  • Ready for this. The Red matches my eyes!
  • Thanks for giving this opportunity.
  • Yes please.
  • Red Red Red!!! On this iPhone hope I win
  • I sure could use an upgrade from my iPhone 5 to a beautiful iPhone 7 RED
  • Time for Red to come home!
  • It would be very nice to upgrade from my 5s to a 7 under any circumstances but a RED one? Well, that would just be the icing on the cake.
    Fingers crossed.
  • Awesome. Now, lets win it :)
  • Ready for Red!
  • It's probably a scam but I really need a new phone so... this better be free.
  • Sweet, red Apple.
  • looks good to me.
  • Do you think iPhone 8 will also come in Red?
  • thrown my hat down
  • i want to win i don't have any phone i don't have money to bay one
  • RED Ready!
  • I would love to win this contest.
  • The richness of this red is really stunning. Can you imagine an iPad or a MacBook this color? :)
  • Good luck to everyone!!!
    I really want this one
  • Thanks for these great give aways!
  • I cree with RealNeal, an iPad this color would be great, too!
  • I agree with RealNeal, an iPad this color would be great, too!
  • Would love to win this contest! Would really make my day!
  • Wish i could be the one of the winner.
  • Good luck to everybody!
  • I want it :-)
  • Really need one... mine is obsolete and on the verge of dying... AND MOSTLY... serving one of the best of humanitarian causes... #Aids...
  • Would love to win :)
  • Would love to win!! Thanks for the great contest!
  • I think the red iPhone 7 was a nice idea. Too bad Apple didn't make more of the. They're hard to find.
  • I think the red iPhone 7 was a nice idea. Too bad Apple didn't make more of the. They're hard to find.
  • I think the red iPhone 7 was a nice idea. Too bad Apple didn't make more of the. They're hard to find.
  • I think the red iPhone 7 was a nice idea. Too bad Apple didn't make more of the. They're hard to find.
  • To win Big Red — nice it would be!
  • Red, delicious Apple.
  • I really hope could win.
  • I did all of the steps please pick me 🙏
  • Would be great to win an Iphone 7 red..
  • Red Head Led Ted
  • Such a great competition! Would be awesome to win!
  • My favorite color!
  • Sign me up for one would love a new phone
  • I need that red phone. Can you just ship it to me now? Just sayin'
  • i hope to win this
  • i would like to win this for my bday
  • Going from an iPhone 4s to this beauty would be awesome! :)
  • Hey.
    Its a very nice iphone 7 ..its a very nice phone with new features which other phones do not have and its really great phone .
    I hope that i could win it.
  • really nice iphone 7 red which is my favourate colour and i really hope that it could me mine
  • its a very lovely iphon7 red which i would like to have.
  • good phone iphone 7 i really like to comment it with more than 1000 words but i have only one word now to tell about this iphone its realy FANTASTIC.......
  • Only one day more.
  • Ready for some good news on RED
  • Would be nice to upgrade my old iPhone.
  • if i finish the last step or question and what the next
  • nice iphone 7 with its new features as we compare the notification box which has completely changed in ios11 really good to see and want to use.
    lets see whwt happen
  • good
  • Such a great competition! Really hope I win.
  • Finish. Good luck!!!
  • so who won???
  • who won?
  • Where we can see who is lucky winner, or I should just check my mailbox :)
  • hello i m very new to iphone as my dream is to buy a iphone as it has nice feautures and function and its look its more awesome and thanks to imore to organise this contest to win iphone. i will very glad to u all if i win this iphone. i will be very lucky as my dream can be fulfilled thank u.
  • there are thousand words to express this iphone and this company imore but i will only tell that they are really fantastic and one thing that u all rock... love u iphone and imore. if god wants than i will win these iphone . and if the imore also wants they can make me win. plzz team make me the winner as my dream is to win a iphone as i m poor and cant afford it
  • who's the lucky one?
  • I like this phone .. Noting to say like this phone
  • Yes, please sign me up for the product Red!
  • hello request you all iphone company members please please choose my becouse I like and loved very much can buy becouse I am very poor I just sea iphone only TV and news pepper my dream is I used one time please choose me I requested you all
  • I think iphone company is a one and only company no chating people
  • I hope I win this iPhone thank you!
  • I hope that I'm the winner for that prize.
  • Win I Phone 7
  • i am excited to win prize
  • i am excited to win prize
    please sign me up for the product Red!
  • wow. I really want one
  • Hey please sign me up l really really really hope that l win.
  • heh... thank you for the opportunity i want to gift this to my husband. he is a big fan of iphone.
  • i really hope i win this for my love