Zurich Apple Store evacuated after iPhone battery overheats during repairs

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Apple Store logo (Image credit: iMore)

An Apple Store in Zurich, Switzerland was briefly evacuated after an iPhone battery overheated. A worker at the store was injured removing the battery from an iPhone, and smoke started building in the back of the store.

From Reuters:

Zurich police said the incident occurred as the repair worker was removing the battery, which overheated and burned his hand slightly."At the same time, there was a slight build-up of smoke, which led to around 50 customers and employees having to leave the business temporarily," a police statement said.

Zurich police noted that store staff acted correctly in sprinkling quartz sand over the battery. This allows the smoke to be contained and sucked out after the ventilation system was switched on. Police are still trying to determine what caused the incident.

Joseph Keller

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