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How to set up and use Zoom on Apple Watch

Zoom increases the magnification of the Apple Watch interface, making it bigger for those who need to see it more easily. Here's how to set up and use it.

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Accessibility for iPhone and iPad: Ultimate guide

The ultimate guide to Accessibility on iPhone and iPad!

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How to connect hearing aids and use audio accessibility on iPhone and iPad

If you have a hearing aid or need better audio accessibility, iPhone and iPad can help.

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What losing the headphone jack would mean for accessibility

We don't yet know with certainty that Apple is removing the headphone jack from the [next iPhones. Assuming rumors are true, it still remains to be seen why the company would decide to do so, and more importantly, how they intend to replace it.

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Apple Watch accessibility center stage in new review

Apple Watch has long been praised for how its accessibility features help a wide variety of people live better lives. This weekend we got another example of how the various features come together to aid in independence, mobility, and functionality.

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Apple's continuing commitment to accessibility

I know exactly why I am an Apple fanboy. It is now, and always has been, about accessibility.

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A little less color: Seeing Apple through color blind eyes

This week on the Network, special guest and Six Colors editor-in-chief Jason Snell speaks about his deuteranopia (red/green color blindness), how it affects using technology, and what Apple's doing in iOS 10 to fix it.

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Siri, artificial intelligence, and accessibility

The magic and frustration of voice assistants and artificial intelligence when it comes to accessibility.

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day is coming and here's what Apple's doing about it!

In advance of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Apple has some important updates coming your way!

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Apple adds dedicated accessibility accessories section to its online store

Apple has created a new section of its online store dedicated to selling accessories for people with disabilities.

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