Apple Adds "Gift App" for Paid Apps in iTunes App Store

iTunes Gift App

Apple has just updated iTunes to allow users to gift paid apps to other users in the same country (i.e. US App Store to US App Store -- no cross-border gifting!). The feature appears as part of the drop-down widget in iTunes on the desktop.

Similar to the previous music-gifting feature, once you've opted to gift a paid app you're taken through several screens where you're asked to enter your name, the email address for the person you're gifting (for smooth service, make sure you use the email associated with their iTunes account), a personal message, and confirmation.

Note: iTunes rolled out new terms and conditions to presage the new functionality, so you'll have to agree to those before you can use it.

We've tested it out and it seems to work well. Let us know if you get in the giving spirit (or if you receive any gifted apps).

More screenshots after the break!

Gift Apps enter details

Gift apps confirm

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Reader comments

Apple Adds "Gift App" for Paid Apps in iTunes App Store


It's about time! This makes more sense than having to give my son a $10 gift card when I just wanted to buy him a four dollar app!

I sure could've used this awhile back. But it's too late now... she's already bought all nine good apps herself.

What a concept. Steve must have got around to turning on his Wii and browsing the Wii Shop channel which, coincidentally, has the same thing. Steve sure knows how to innovate.

This has been around for a few months at least.. the problem.. is that you can only gift via credit card.. you can have $100 in your itunes balance, but can't give a $1 app. (no regifting essentially..)

hey I like this post. I found it from doing a google search. Ive been looking for this sort of thing for a while. This info will come in handy to me. I will check back soon to search the rest of your blog. thanks

The fact that you can't gift apps to friends in other countries is just so stupid there are no words for it. Totally useless! Apple, sometimes it just doesn't work.

I tried to gift several people new apps last night and I got no email confirmation of any of the purchasess ( one was 30 bucks) . I checked and my Credit card wasn't charged- but I want to pay! I think it's a cool feature and besides being able to send game to my neice and nephew but I'm also excited to send my daughter in law nursing student a medical manual!! Anyone have similar problems??

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I wish I could gift free apps. It would be useful for apps that go "free for a day" (a lot of expensive Gameloft games are doing so right now)... I'd get to have free "redemption" coupons for the game when its no longer free. :P Although I guess that's why they don't allow it.

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when i tried to gift app it says me to contact itunes support.. is there any special reason for this?? i am using US itunes account.