Cold Day in Cell: AT&T Considering iPhone Tethering?!

The trouble with Steve Jobs (or an anonymous iMinion thereof) sometimes mailing off blunt-force rejoinders to disgruntled Apple customers? The intertubes suddenly become awash in Jobsmail, making it impossible to sort the real from the decidedly not so. Case in point: a Gizmodo reader claims to have emailed Jobs about the possibility of maybe potentially one day considering tethering (allowing your computer to connect to the 'net via your iPhone's 3G or EDGE connection). The alleged response:

We agree, and are discussing it with ATT.


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Yeah, we can has big old doubts as well...

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Cold Day in Cell: AT&T Considering iPhone Tethering?!


why the Hell should I wait for AT&T when I live in Singapore? iPhone is now a global product and not a America only mobile phone.

I'm not even going to get too excited about this because I know AT&T will probably just make this so expensive that it's pointless to pay for and people will just continue to jailbreak their phones so they can use 3rd party tethering programs.