Today on the Forums: Brushed Metal iPhone Mod and Are You Happy With Your iPhone 3G?

Today on the forums there are a couple of threads definitely worth checking out:

The first thread for today was started by yours truly back on July 12th, Some of us have one... Happy? Not Happy? Feel free to rant away in there about all your new iPhone likes and dislikes. Next up is a thread where rats13 wants to know should he wait to get a iPhone or should he just go for it? My personal opinion Rats13... what are you waiting for?!

One of my favorites, the infamous Wallpaper thread. Help us out and post some of your favorite wallpapers! Last but not least is a great little modification tip you can do to your iPhone if you want to give it a more refined look. Check it out: brushed metal!

And don't forget to register folks, it's the only way to join in on the conversation -- and it's free!

See you on the forums!

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Today on the Forums: Brushed Metal iPhone Mod and Are You Happy With Your iPhone 3G?

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I've had some minor problems with my iPhone 3g but overall it works great for me: no dropped calls, no apps break, clear voice connection. There're no perfect devices, sure there always will be problems, but i see no reason why people shouldn't buy them. Maybe i'm just too obsessed with iPhones...but i'm really happy with my new 3g. BTW, came a cross a site recently offering a free iPhone 3g if you win their contest:
It's for those who still don't have the gadget and don't want to stand in lines.