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Free Wallpaper Friday: No Pinching Required

Another Friday has arrived, and that means another weekly wallpaper fix for all you pixel deprived iPhone addicts. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten.

First a bit of housekeeping: It has come to my attention that some of you have nary a clue how to load my lovely images onto your iPhone. Fair enough. Allow me to enlighten you. Full instructions can be found after the jump below.

For the rest of you - enjoy, and have a great weekend.

green-mountain-valley.jpg lighthouse-sunset.jpg mountain-coast.jpg slow-signs.jpg desert-floor.jpg wallpaper-iphone2.jpg blue-aurora.jpg gree-pasture-bluesky.jpg

Les instructions...

From your PC or Mac, simply click on any image above. When the image appears right-click over it, then select "Save as", and download the image files directly to your desktop.

If you're on a Mac this next step couldn't be easier. Simply launch iPhoto and click on the plus sign (+) located in the lower left corner of the application window. That will create a new photo album. Give it a name like "iPhone wallpaper." Now drag the image files you previously downloaded right into that album.

Connect your iPhone.

After iTunes launches click on the iPhone icon, and select the photos tab. From here you can configure which images and albums are synced with your iPhone. Remember that album you created earlier? Well there it is. Place a check next to that album name and forever more any image you drag into that photo album will be relocated to your iPhone upon syncing.

To access the images on your iPhone, just tap the settings icons, then select the wallpaper option. And there they be. Enjoy.


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