iPhone owners really getting more sex?

Kyle over at sibling site Android Central took issue with a recent story about iPhone owners getting more sex than Android or BlackBerry owners (go figure). To illustrate his point he spun a story about Droids taking over the college dorms and then posted up a little poll.

Well, two can play at that game, Kyle. Anyone here seeing more Droids than iPhone's out in the real world?

AC got just over 5000 votes. Let's see if we can beat them there to. Tell your friends. Share this link. Bring the votes!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 57 comments. Add yours.

Dan says:

my wife tells me constantly i use my iphone way to much which lowers my chances.

Dimwit says:

@Dan but what about her sister? ;)

Geo Coldz says:

@Dimwit Your sick.
And do you really expect people to be this honest about this topic?

Rob says:

You too, I've been told once or twice that she was in the mood but knead too buisy playing with my iPhone. Haha

Oskar says:

There's a "Don't have an iPhone" option, but it appears the "Don't have sex" option is missing. It should be added. You know, some people do have an iPhone but don't have sex.

fastlane says:

It doesn't ask "BECAUSE of getting an iPhone" it asks "SINCE getting an iPhone".
Coincidentally, yes... but also since getting new brake pads. :roll:

Alexander says:

My wife tells me why don't I snuggle with it? I guess it means I'm addicted.

Greyscale says:

No it hasn't made any difference to frequency or intensity of sex or, masturbation for that matter.

Gulli says:

without a GF at the moment but signal (or something else) is rising when used with my right hand :D

websyndicate says:

I got the Magic Phone. She love the Phone.

The Reptile says:

It's not the size of the droid it's the magic of the multi-touch that drives the ladies nuts. Look it up in the Kinsey Report.

Hodgez says:

My woman says my phone gets more attention than her.

Angel says:

I have a comment... WHO CARES? The only people who think this is a story aren't getting any.

tuscanidream says:

My iPhone does not get me laid. However, I'm more likely to arrive on a date on time. That's if I can get one. :/ damn.

Ridin Dirty says:

Hey to tha yeah! But then I've had one for years... ;-) lol

(Copy of) Dev says:

Err, no, because the study claimed more sexual partners, not more sex. A Blackberry user getting it on twice a day, every day, with her husband would count as having less sex than somebody who had sex once a decade, but with two strangers. Rene is not alone in taking this one dating questionnaire way out of context; it seems like everybody did.

J1ca says:

I remember when it was my first date with my girlfriend all she was doing was playing with my iPhone......

iDavey says:

So you're proud that they're calling iPhone owners sexual deviants? Whores? Easy?
I never knew the devotion to Apple went that far, lol.
Back in my days, you would get noticed cause of looks and persona. Not a phone.
Mind you I'm only 23 =\

frog says:

Let's face it, Android users are those kinda 'creepy' types of nerds. The socially withdrawn ones. Linux users, WOW players ... just generally weird people. Not really a surprise. Indeed I'd argue most Android users are probably virgins

JNGold says:

Both myself and my wife have iPhones and there's an iPad in the house too. Wooohooo!

mostlyDigital says:

I've got an Incredible, my wife has a 3GS. If the story's true I'll divorce her for fooling around. More likely, iPhone users are more likely to overstate their sex lives.

Batman minus Robin says:

@ J1ca
Were you annoyed by the fact that your GF was playing with your iPhone on your first date? Or are you using iPhone as a euphamism?
Who uses the iPad more? You or your wife? I was just curious to see who likes to play with it more. I like to take mine to the Bat-toilet when nature calls. I like to play Angry Birds on the can.

Roamingrican says:

My iPhone brings all the girls to the yard........

DR says:

The Grindr app is the easiest way for a gay man to get laid without roofies. (not that I have or would ever used roofies, its just a metaphor or whatever haha) if you don't have it, try it.

dloveprod says:

Thanks to grindr I meet a lot of new people but I don't do sex.

Batman minus Robin says:

@ Bugs I have a Boost Mobile phone and I never get laid. :( I'm too busy fighting crime! Plus I had to file a restraining order against Robin.

Keisuke says:

My iPhone is twice as long as anyone elses.

JNGold says:

The iPad is all mine. :) My wife has a Nook (which she loves) and uses her laptop for all the other stuff she needs to do.

Tebow says:

..i like to lay pipe. but check this out:
a report from DigiTimes suggests that the total number of Android shipments worldwide will surpass 55 million, which would be a 561% growth from last year.

Irish Charlie says:

@ Tebow
Hey Timmy, even if your passing stats grew 561% you would still ride the bench in the NFL! AWWW! Does it hurt? Does the truth bring out the pain? I would rather own a Droid than a Tebow jersey! I'll just stand here and put out the vide to the ladies with my iP4 hanging out of m'pocket.

Ryan says:

Such a stupid shallow thing to be talking about.

Wonder Woman says:

People, this website had some class up until sexual relations were associated with phone ownership. I like a man who reminds me of a giraffe, not one who owns an iPhone or a Droid, if you know what I mean! Batman, see you later back at the Hall of Justice!

Sandrusco says:

I have more sex than ever, thanks to many Messenger & social apps

Tebow says:

..exactly what is going on here today?? what an odd bunch of comments..
@Irish... maybe you didn't see my game this past weekend where i ran over two defenders to get into the promise land.. what did you do this weekend?? you're obviously a troll in the game of life.
Good Luck!

Jenna Jameson says:

@Tebow. Wasn't that run against the fifth string scrubs, in an exhibition game?
Oh, that's right. You are a Droir troll claiming to be a left handed quarterback that specializes in wounded ducks. Why not aspire to be more and pretend to be, say, Peyton Manning?

Tebow says:

@Eddy.. good to see you joined the conversation.. for someone who's not a Tebow fan, you sure do follow his every move. interesting strategy you got there Eddy.. but i'm glad you saw Tebow's performance on Sunday, maybe it will inspire you to do something useful with your life.. it's obviously been a waste thus far.
..and as far as my "aspirations" are concerned, you shouldn't worry yourself with that too much. Eddy, you have more pressing issues to think about.. you just need to figure out why you "aspire" to be a pile of dung (fresh and steamy).. it's really not a good look guy.
Good Luck Eddy!

BoGuS says:

It's actually the real reason why Apple users are so loyal. Steve's middle name is Hand and he provides his name to everyone who purchases an Apple product.
The only time I'm not getting laid is that time of the month when my lady needs an iPad.

Tebow says:

@Bogus.. freaking hilarious stuff right there.. good action.

Italian Stallion says:

@Bogus that is so freaking funny!

BBCurve9300 says:

I have both an iPhone and a Blackberry, life can't get much better

2balls says:

@ tebow - you will never make in the NFL. If you actually watched the game, you would know that you the guy had 2 ints dropped, a fumble run back for a rd that was reversed, and his throwing motion and wounded duck throwing style hasn't changed a bit. So he ran in fir a touchdown with a min left in the game against 4 th stringers. Tebow is just like the android...... Overrated - Ever since I picked up my iPhone 4 my erection hasn't gone down and have had more sex than ever before

Cougar says:

Why is there so much football talk on this page?

Irish Charlie says:

@ 2balls
I agree 100% with your take on Tebow and the iP4. You are a smart human being my friend. I have also been happy with my new iP4 and have played with it nonstop since getting one! I hope you and your erection can make it through the day without hurting anyone. I once heard something similar about Vin Diesel. Please see below:
"Vin Diesel once walked down the street with a massive erection. There were no survivors." - via the internet
Shalom my friend and have a nice day!

Tebow says:

@2Balls and @Irish.. for being a couple of iNerds, you two sure do pretend like you know a lot about football.. you guys must be FSU or UT fans i bet.. do i have to remind you how Tebow destroyed your hopes and dreams at the collegiate level and now he will destroy your teams at the NFL level.. i.e. Jaguars and Titans..
..and another thing maybe you two wanna get together and play with each other's "iPhones"??.. have fun with that...
@Cougar... it's called sports.. try it sometime.
Good Luck!

Cougar says:

@Charlie, you can't believe everything you read on the internet

Batman minus Robin says:

@ Cougar
Why does Rene have to ruin all of my fun? To the Batcave!
@ Wonder Woman
Hit me up on the iBatPhone...

Cougar says:

@Tebow I played a sport once, T-ball. I was pretty young. I am more of a car guy. I love Mercury Cougars. My Cougar has a 5.0 in it. It is really fast. Having both my Cougar and an i Phone Four I have lots of sex with women. So I know this poll is correct.

Chuck Norris says:

I don't need an iPhone to get s e x. I'm Chuck Freaking Norris.

Tebowmania says:

Chuck you are one of the lucky ones.

Tebow says:

@Tebowmania.. change your name.

Tebowmania says:

It is drippy have to get my iPhone checked out

Jenna Jameson says:

Wow, this is really getting crazy!!!