Apple Set to Double iPhone Production, as Nokia and Motorola Look On in Horror


As if Nokia, Motorola, et. al., didn't already have reason to shit themselves. Today's news from The Street will have CEOs at every major handset maker pouring glasses of Pepto-Bismol and reading motivational posters. Senior Writer Scott Moritz reports that Apple will boost iPhone production for the fourth quarter to 2.7 Million units, nearly double original projections. Apparently Apple anticipates some kind of spike in demand in Q4.

Hey, you don't suppose the recent price drop had something to do with this, do you? Nah, purely coincidental.


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Reader comments

Apple Set to Double iPhone Production, as Nokia and Motorola Look On in Horror


Good or bad stories, I don't believe anything "The Street" says anymore. They seem to spew out more garbage than any site I have seen to date.

How funny would it be if AT&T and the overseas vendors start subsidizing this phone down to $99.00 for Christmas?
Pretty funny? Somewhat funny? Sharp stick in the eye funny?

true... but maybe AT$T can buy them for 199.00, lose 100.00 and then make 380.00 in data line charge instead of 480.00. Of course, for new subscribers only ;)

Am I seeing your number right? Nokia shipped over 350 Million units last year.... think about that. Although I do believe, if they don't come up with a response, next yr this time... who knows what we are in for.