Free Wallpaper Friday: Emasculation Edition


You guys are a tough crowd to please. Last week's installment received as much welcome as Michael Moore attending a Republican convention. Some of you even criticized my gallery for being "too feminine", which left me questioning my sexuality and displaying overcompensating male machismo behavior. Friends and family began wondering why I suddenly started smoking cigars and spoke in a deep faux masculine voice. I hope you're proud of yourselves!

So, this week I bow to your requests and offer up these, well, less effeminate wallpapers. Hope you enjoy them. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go watch Nascar racing and wear my pants halfway down my ass.

astral-myst.jpg beach-pole.jpg boxes.jpg catch-the-wave.jpg dark-sunrise.jpg morning-fog.jpg water-drop.jpg gree-blades.jpg

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Reader comments

Free Wallpaper Friday: Emasculation Edition


I didn't personally have a problem with the girly wallpapers, but I have to say that I like these very much. Thanks again for Free Wallpaper Friday.

Thanks, Amy. It was my male audience that didn't look fondly upon my choice in images. Boys can be so cruel. ;)

Who else offers Free Wallpaper Friday? Geeze! File it under "if it's free it's for me." and wait until next Friday if there's nothing you like. It's free!

I love all the wallpapers, girly or not. But what I really wanted as a wallpaper was one of Sulu all pimped up--you know, the article pic but as a wallpaper. In fact, a weekly Star Trek wallpaper with each male character all girlied up would be so chic.

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