Book: iPod touch Made Simple

iphone 4 made simple

Yours truly has completed the trifecta by lending a technical eye to Gary Mazo and Martin Trautschold's latest guide for new users -- iPod touch Made Simple.

The iPod touch is much more than just music. You have all of the features of a PDA—including email, calendar, Google Maps, the App Store, and even video phone capabilities (with FaceTime) —as well as the ability to watch movies and play your favorite games, all packed into Apple's sleek design. With iPod touch Made Simple, by Martin Trautscholdand Gary Mazo, you'll learn how to take advantage of all these features and more on your iPod touch running the new iOS 4 software.

If you know someone who just got an iPod touch and really needs a step-by-step guide with tons of pictures, then let them know about this book.

[Print edition on Amazon, eBook on Apress]

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Reader comments

Book: iPod touch Made Simple


Still a good find. I need one for the iPad for my parents which are getting older and forget how to use some of the options within the app itself like attaching files in email and such.

I find iOS extremely simple but compared to everyone around here I'm considered an iPhone guru. Not that I know a whole bunch, I guess most people don't try to use things to it's fullest potential. When I first got my 3G all I did was yearn for knowledge. Guess it's just a different breed of people...

If the "finger tips" combined with common sense doesn't cover it, you might wanna reconsider having an iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad.

Really? I probably could have written that book! Why do you find out about great things you should have done, after someone else does them?