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Free Wallpaper Friday: The Calm After the Storm


Just because my iPhone is on life support for an indefinite period doesn't mean you guys have to suffer. The show must go on, and on it goes. I hope you enjoy this week's edition, because I sure can't. But, hey it's Friday anyway.

So dock your iPhone, download these lovely wallpapers, and...enjoy. Get them after the break.

whindmill.jpg telly-booth-grayscale.jpg standing-on-dock.jpg sand-heart.jpg red-pepper-vendor.jpg red-curtain.jpg palm-bonzai.jpg crank-gear.jpg


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There are 7 comments. Add yours.

Micah says:

Kent, it really sucks your iphone got bricked. Dev team will fix it, I have faith! Besides, damn things are "only" $400 now, not $600 right?
Thanks for the wallpapers!

Dennis says:

Kent, so sorry to hear your iPhone got bricked! Well, you are not alone. I was one of those lucky people who had the pleasure of getting my iPhone bricked too and i didn't even touch or hack my iPhone in any way. All I did was to pop out the SIM card prior to my trip to Europe last week and used it on my Sony ericcson phone while in Europe. I got back yesterday after lunch and as soon I got home, I popped the SIM card back to my iPhone and when the update showed up I accepted and followed instructions. When update was done, an error popped up saying that my SIM card was incorrect. What the heck? So what now? My iPhone does not work and now my SIM card does not allow me to call using my other phone!

elliot says:

there she is! Thanks Kent! Hope you can get that phone working. I work at the apple store and some people have been bringing there's in to have our geniusus relock them and restore

Cliff says:

Do you know of any good blogging sites that support the iPhone yet? I'm on WordPresa and I emailed them about it. They gave me some smartass response. It sounds like they have iPhone envy and don't want to help.

nicke says:

Can you not restore the iPhone to a working 1.0.2 state?
I can't see why that would not be possible..(?) Here is what I thought:
10 Steps to restoring the iPhone to a working 1.0.2 state.
1: Restore the iPhone to factory defaults in iTunes with 1.0.2 Firmware.
2: Activate, jailbreak and install sshd on the iPhone using iNdependence.
3: Reflash the baseband with bbupdater using the .fls and .eep files extracted from the firmware_1.0.2.ipsw
4: Unlock the iPhone with iUnlock_Reloaded.
5: Activate it again with iNdependence.
6-10: Enjoy the glory of the 1.0.2 iPhone software.
I haven't tried this, but I really don't see why it wouldn't work? If someone tests this, please let me know if it worked or not.
Cheers, nicke

cqkgjytmwg says:

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