FX Photo Studio update brings new effects, preset sharing [give-away]

FX Photo Studio for iPhone, a photography app dedicated to photo filters, recieved an update today that includes 10 new photo effects and the ability to share your presets.

  • Presets sharing feature
  • 10 new photo effects
  • Flower camera selection option added (for iphone4)
  • Tumblr sharing
  • Filter previews with higher quality
  • Optimized crop tool
  • Preview autorotation option

With 181 photo filters and the ability to overlap them, FX Photo Studio is the app for adding effects to your photos. The good folks at MacPhun LLC have given us a few promo codes to hand out to you, our awesome readers. All you need to do is let us know how many photos you have sitting in your Camera Roll waiting to be edited with FX Photo Studio. The contest begins now and ends Saturday, December 17 at 4:00p EST.

If you pick this one up, let us know what you think!

[$2.99 - iTunes link]

Leanna Lofte

App and Photography Editor at iMore. Mother, wife, and math instructor. Follow her on Twitter @llofte and send her apps to consider for review at iosapps@imore.com

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There are 58 comments. Add yours.

Kale58 says:

50 or so pics on my camera roll. This would give me another reason to get shutter happy.

pnut78 says:

I have about 128 photos that I need to edit. Many are of my son and my niece in all the theme parks. I have a boy I'm waiting to be born and I will use my iPhone 4 to take pictures while my brother in Law will use his DSLR.
I would love this so I can edit the pictures I take of my newborn to quickly post on Facebook and MMS to my family in Texas and New York.

pnjbimunda81 says:

48! Please give me a promo code now so I can edit them all! Thanks

Piseth says:

There are quite a lot of photos in my Camera Roll. I want to edit some pictures I just took last week from my trip.

Osumailguy says:

35 in the Roll, but 400+ showing in the Library. Once I sync images to my PC, I move them to appropriate folders and then re-sync. The Roll only contains new images that haven't been moved/edited.
Thanks in advance if I am selected for one of the promo codes!

birdwell says:

I have 752 pics on my camera roll. This app could keep me busy for a while!

swooshme says:
  1. My son was born 7 short months ago and obviously I've been busy taking pics of everything from him sleeping to jumping in thr walker to spitting out green beans. Life is good. I could use this app to make these memories even more memorable.
carrie says:

I had more than 2000 pics of my puppy in my camera roll waiting to be edited with FX Photo Studio!

MAGNUS says:

I have 492. Give or take 5-10 videos. When I win, it's gonna be a looooong winter.

jozsoo says:

Saturday, December 17 as in ... which calendar? Dec 17 is Friday in the Gregorian calendar, at least this year.

Alfredo says:
  1. Lost some due to iOS 3.1.3 problem, with unstable behavior. Now iOS 4.1 working good!
Kevin says:

I'm having 103 photos sitting in my library and waiting for me to edit them with FX Photo Studio!!

James says:

over 300 pictures waiting for effect goodness.

Leanna Lofte says:

Wow. Most of you make me feel like a photo taking maniac... I have 2067. And another 1672 in my photo library...

brianlees says:

674...is that too many? :-)

DJB in Japan says:

Camera roll = 210, Photo Library = 126
Looking forward to trying out some cool filter action with FX Photo Studio!

Marcel says:

484 - they all need editing!!

Guacho says:

130 pictures on my phone..

danny says:

I got 170 pics in my camera roll and I want them edit with this gorgeous app. thanks!

Geoff says:

~100 that I would edit with this app. ;)

kennerknecht says:

I've only got 16, but that's because I just cleared out my Camera Roll last week when I downloaded Instagram and Hipstamatic for the first time. Overall, I've got 1842 in my Photos though. I've just started using photo apps and would love to use the FX Photo Studio for iPhone app.

big9erfan says:

I have 83 in my camera roll and 402 in my library from my 3GS. My fiancee has about 50 on her camera roll too.

junovela says:

At the moment, I have 409 photos. Most need some sort of pick-me-up fix before they'll ever see the light of day. A free promo code would help. :)

jgr627 says:

We have 4 iPhone 4's in my house with one coming in as a Xmas gift (that's a secret) we each have over 700 photos in our camera roll n this would be a great app for all us to edit our memories

miloszz#AC says:

I have 161 pics in my camera roll. I guess by the contest end I will have about 181. Hmmm, If I win, I'll apply different filters to all my pics :D

Toph says:

309 in the roll, and 2,867 total in all albums. I would love to dress up some pics of my daughter.

JC says:

I have 487 in my camera roll. This would be awesome to make wallpapers with pics of my kids.

walker023 says:

I have 206 pics right now, that's sure to go up

Alli says:

Only about 127, but I can take more!

Jeremy says:

342 love my iPhone camera.

bergman says:

55 pics. This would be a fun way to process them.

Alex says:

I have 1811 pics in my iPhone, so I am pretty close to Leanna:) Anyways, even if you don't get the promo code, you can get FX Photo Studio for only $0,99. This is for the weekend only and don't forget to share your shots or effect mixes afterwards. Cheers.

Mrjr says:

1,494. I've eyed this app for a while... Just not sure if I was going to purchase it or not.

Robert says:

Five right now. I move them to different folders. I just wish iOS allowed for full res photos to be moved back to the iPhone.

Andre M says:

I am a wannabe model and this would be one step closer to the real thing.

Vicious_Cid says:

269 photos in my camera roll 

Sonia says:

Around 70 in my camera roll. This looks like a fun app to edit them.

Janelle says:

I have 103 in my camera roll, 110 in my library plus hundreds more on my computer. I love taking pictures and love editing even more!

gregorypleau says:

1,591 on my camera roll, photography is one thing I'd consider a "primary use" for my iPhone 4

Jon says:

Camera roll, 18. Photo library, 605. My birthday, today. Thanks!

Larkman says:

I have absolutely none since I won't be getting my iPod Touch until Christmas morning. I would imagine that number will increase significantly after it gets up and running!

SockRolid says:

I already have FX Photo Studio, so I recuse myself from this contest. But I should say that I did win that promo code from Leanna at the end of last Wednesday's iPad Live! Another great reason for everyone to get on the chatroom and participate.
Oh, and FX Photos Studio is actually very impressive. There are obviously many filter effects, but the ability to overlay them is pretty awesome. Congratulations to whoever wins it!

MrUnderwood says:

I have 416 photos on my roll. Please pick me and I love u long time!

jerseyfresh says:

At least 200, some of which are hopeful profile pics. Please hook at brother up!

iamlynda says:

I have 756 photos in my camera roll waiting to be glorified with this awesome app!! I Love TiPb ~ great reviews, stories and tips for us technically challenged types :-)

Leona says:

I have 832 in my camera roll

Danielle says:

i have 8746 photos on my camera roll.

Jims Daniel says:

You can add effects to your photos at http://www.addeffects.net without installed software