Daily tip: How to use the zoom accessibility mode for iPhone/iPad

Have trouble making out the small icons and tiny text on iPhone or iPad and curious how you can zoom in for a better view? We've previously told you about 2 of iOS's accessibility features and how you can use them, like reading White text on Black and using VoiceOver to read your messages and audiobooks. After the break, I'll be showing you how you can zoom your iPhone or iPad screen as well.

If you find it difficult to see the screen on your iPhone or iPad or if you want to focus on a particular area of the screen then you can use the built in zooming functionality.

To Enable Zooming

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap General
  3. Tap Accessibility
  4. Tap Zoom
  5. Turn Zoom to 'On'

To Use The Zoom

  • Double Tap your screen with 3 fingers
    • Scroll Up To Zoom In
    • Scroll Down To Zoom Out

To Move Around The Screen While Zoomed In

  • Scroll around the screen with three fingers
  • Drag one finger to the edges of the screen.

There is an additional setting to turn your accessibility features on and off using the home button.

To Turn Zoom On and Off using the Home Button

  • Be sure that accessibility options, 'Triple Click Home' is set to 'Ask'
  • Triple click the home button to bring up your options. From this menu, you can also turn on "White on Black" and "VoiceOver".

Do you find this tip helpful and will you be using it? Let us know by commenting.

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Reader comments

Daily tip: How to use the zoom accessibility mode for iPhone/iPad


Its a brilliant feature and one of the things thats puts iOS way in front of android for me. I see android reviews and the on screen font is always tiny. I don't use the zoom that much but to be able to instantly magnify anything on the iphone is brilliant. OSX on the mac also has a basic magnifier built in. Good stuff Apple!

Never knew about this feature. It is awesome. I love learning something new about my Iphone4. Great Daily Tip.

I use this a lot when designing mobile sites... since they normally can't enlarge the way full sites do.

I only found out about this at the weekend by accident. I've barely used it but it is a useful tool to have.

I did this and turned on voice over and now it wont let me turn it off and nothing is working. I bring up the turn off feature and it doesn't do anything. ok after several minutes figured out you have to double tap each button

hello, me and my girlfriend we both bought iphones, she has MS and has trouble seeing clearly. I put ZOOM on her iphone and she says it was working fine but now it gives less zoom. I was wondering if anyone knows if that's possible? I have seen her iphone with the zoom and I think is the same zoom as always. but i'm wondering is there a way to make even more zoom that what zoom actually does? maybe another application or something? i appreciate any help please, thank you