DUE 1.3 hits App Store + Promo Code give away!

DUE 1.3 hits App Store + Promo Code give away!

DUE, the awesome reminder app that makes sure you never miss anything important, has just updated to version 1.3.1 and includes a whole bunch of great new features:

  • Over the air Dropbox sync: View and add new reminders as normal while DUE retrieves your database in the background. It then finds the least intrusive time to merge your data. If you're using a multitasking-capable device*, DUE automatically uploads any changes back to Dropbox in the background on exit.
  • Backups: DUE automatically backs up your last 5 databases on quit. You can email yourself a copy of any backup file, or restore from a backup file from within Due.
  • Undo: Postponed a reminder wrongly? Accidentally marked a reminder as done? With Undo support, it's okay to make mistakes. One tap and your reminder will be back to where and what it was before.

DUE has also very kindly offered to give away five (5) Promo Codes to TiPb readers. To enter simply post a comment below telling us what DUE could help you remember (and yes, the funnier the better!). Make sure you leave a valid email address. We won't publish it but will use it to mail you your Promo Code if you win.

[$2.99 - DUE website - iTunes link]

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Reader comments

DUE 1.3 hits App Store + Promo Code give away!


Due can help me keep track of all my school assignments and to do list that my way always emails me. But I always forget about taking care of.since I don't have true push gmail on my iPhone 4

I am the absent minded professor and could really use this.... I would forget my name if it wasn't written on the back of my underwear..... Did I remember to wear underwear today?????

I am always forgetting things that I need to do so this app would be perfect for me. That is if I remember to use it :)

DUE could definitely remind me to go to the toilet next time. Yeah ... that one time was pretty messy :/

DUE would help me remember my next wedding anniversary. Sleeping on the couch once a year SUCKS!

I know this isnt a funny one but DUE would help a full time worker and student like me remember that I have papers DUE and work to be finished!

DUE could remind me to take my meds so I don't hear voices telling me to get nekid and run through the mall

DUE would be sweet to remind me to put on my knickers and go to work to earn some dosh and pay off debts!

i would love to try out this app! since i'm getting married soon, it would help me remember when i'm "due" to get that anniversary gift so that i won't be "due" to getting my butt kicked by my fiancee :)

I schedule sign language interpreters for deaf folks. DUE will help me make sure every deaf person has the interpreter they have requested. YAY

Since my motorcycle accident, in which I landed on my head, my short term memory has been... Crap what was I saying.... Who are you and why am I typing this. Hmmm.

What could Due do for me? (cups chin in hand and looks off dreamily into the distance, Enya plays softly in the background as thoughts of a better world shimmer into view). Need an app to remind me to get back to work!

If DUE is as good as you say it is, it could remind me to check all the other remind me apps I have.

Sounds good. I'm always forgetting things and with this I can send to my Dropbox which I'm always checking.

I need to do the Due!
Doing when things are due isn't done well in my household. In fact, doing things by when things are due just isn't done, dude.
Dudes need to do by the time things are due, or things that are due aren't done at all.
Due can help make me do what must be done by the time things are due, so things get done, dude.
Be a Dude and send me due so things get done!

When is it due? Was it really Due Yesterday? How do I forget what is due, when its due and how due all the time? I hope that I can engage due to manage when things are due, what was due and to whom its due to.
Thank You,
Nice Name Asim

I would set DUE to remind me at least once a day where my phone is. I tend to lose this damn thing more than my mind...

DUE could remind me to check for missed iPhone alarms when we switch back and forth from daylight saving time.

DUE could remind me to use DUE to remind me, to use DUE to remind me, to use DUE to remind me, to use DUE to remind me, to use DUE to remind me, to use DUE to remind me, to use DUE to remind me, to use DUE to remind me, to use DUE to remind me, to use DUE to remind me...
...what was it supposed to remind me to do again?

I wish I had "Due" when I owned my pet Snow Leopard Steve. I forgot to feed him on time on several occasions so in a revenge attack I came home to find my bathroom destroyed resulting in £2000 worth of damage. Needless to say "Due" could of made sure Steve got fed on time and I'd be £2000 better off.

I own a computer repair business. DUE would help me remember all of the clients I have to visit, and current projects that have to be done.

Due: Off the iPhone
Due: Kiss your loved one
Due: Sneak out and get back to the iPhone and make more Due entries.

I need something to remind me when it is time for a beer. Plus DUE will let me go back and edit the reminder in case I start early!

DUE could help me remember to pay my expensive iPhone bill. It can also help me with assignments for school, so that I too can become a journalist and one day make tons of money like the writers from TiPb!

I wish I had 'Due' to remind me to visit this site more often, so I won't keep missing these fantastic give aways, and all the other information provided to us ludites. Keep up the good work.

This would make so many things easier. You dont have to set up calendar events and you can change sounds.
I didn't even know it existed before this article. Apple should include it!

Oh my! What couldn't "Due" help me to do better? I am a mom of two teenagers who do a lot, and a husband to whom I would like to delegate a lot of "honey do's" (but I don't because I forget to do this). I have cats that have medicine do, a job that has deadlines do, and even dog doo-doo that I should do but just don't do. "Due" would be amazing to help me keep up with everything that I need to do, when I need to do it, so that maybe, just maybe, I can find the time to do something for myself!

I'M OLD! Where am I? Did I eat today, MATLOCK... Zzzzzzzzz, WHAT! Oh yeah, in my day for $2.99 you used to be able to get a steak dinner for 2 and have money left for Zzzzzzzzz...

I'd use Due to remind myself to log my daily metrics in Daytum, upload a photo for my 365 photo project, and anything else I'm currently storing in OmniFocus, but shouldn't be :)

Look, I've got ADD. Not, 'oh god I've got ADD, what am I to do". No, "I've got three separate computer systems set up to remind me to stay on task watching pr0n." ADD. So something like this would be nice to have.

The Due app on my iPhone would be the perfect Wingman and keep me out of trouble. I would set a reoccurring reminder for just before bar closing on Friday and Saturday nights to remind me to think with the bigger of my two heads.

I am in class and we were supposed to turn in our papers at the begining of class. I didn't do it because I completely forgot. Please I need something to help me remember all these assignments!! HELP!!!!!!

I would use DUE to remind me when I gotta pay my baby mama some money for diapers and formula, take out the friend chicken so I don't be burning down da hizouse and to be reminding mento be getting my cousin out the big house with dem bars.
But seriously I own my own business. It will help with lots to help me keep organized.

DUE would revolutionize the way I use my phone. Or just make it a hellova lot easier to remember TiPb iPhone & iPad live.

I will use DUE to remember to completely stop using my laptop, my iPad and my iPhone everyday at night and sit with my wife and give focus to conceiving a baby!

If I had DUE, it'd help me remember to go to court on time so Dog The Bounty Hunter would stop chasing me. Gotta run!

As a Canadian, DUE will allow me to remember when the next hockey game is, when to chop my lumber, when to sit on my chesterson, when to remove the beaver dam, when to shovel snow from my driveway, when to make an outdoor ice rink and when to drink a beer. Help a Canadian out!!! We never get the good stuff up here!!!

DUE would help me remember to check my favorite blogs and websites (like TiPB!) when I'm looking for something to do (hehe)!

Well, I really due need something that keeps me on track. I am so used to hearing deadlines swish by that I am due for a change. Due to the fact that I always have stuff to due, I due like this app. So without further too due ( ok that was a bit of a stretch!) I due sign off.

I could have used DUE when my wife was DUE!!! I wouldn't have overslept and had a very impatient wife waking me up to take her to the hospital!
I can use DUE now to make sure I remember to check my newborn's diaper to make sure he didn't make....doo

I have 6 Chihuahuas and one cat named Velcro 11y. All rescues. So you know my life is CRAZY! Plus I travel. I swear I need Due to keep my herd and my life straight.
Chihuahuas are Onyx 8y, Xena 14y, Casper 10y, Mr. Sprinkles 4y,
Tyson 6y, and Timmy 2y.

DUE would not only help with homework for my college classes, but with my photography client appointments (setting up studios, etc.) and also my karaoke/DJ business. Also it could help me remember my mom's b-day and my wedding anniversary!

I would use it daily to keep track solely of things that have the sound "doo" in it:

  • Hairdoo appointments
  • Jury Duty
  • Finish reading Frank Herbert sagas (Dune)
  • Fix the copy machine (dupes)
  • Pickup prophylactics (Durex)
  • As an egg timer (proper duration)
  • Pickup new work boots (making sure they're durable)
  • Watch Saturday morning cartoons (Scooby Doo)
  • Get new tires on the truck (it's a Dually)
  • Follow up phone call to royalty (Duke of Earl)
  • Schedule surfing lessons (with the dude)
  • Reschedule boxing lessons (duking it out)
  • Check mirror before leaving home (yep, I look like a doof!)
  • Remember to choose a weapon (for my upcoming duel)
  • Re-stock emergency kit (for Doomsday)
  • Pick up new card deck on way home (mine's missing the duece)
  • Pull car under carport at night (so my windshield's not dewy)


  • Using the restroom (I won't type that out...)

Please take this under consideration.

Due would be great for me to renind me of client appoinments, birthdays, and when I can stop working and go to sleep.

If I had a due I could finally start living right. Get things done. But I have no due thats why I forgot to say something. Oh dam it for got to say. I WOULD REALLY LIKE DUE. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! :). I need to get on track

I am always looking for a way to help me keep track of the little "to do's" I have...
I would use DUE to help me organize my life! Instead of sending myself an email I would use DUE to remind me to buy birthday presents, make vacation plans, order stuff, clean the garage and so on!

reminders for iPhone Live! reminders for my TV shows, to do my homework and remember meeting. It'll be nice to not have a billion alarms.

I could use DUE to remind me of iPhone Live! and iPad Live! showtimes, wherever I am. :)

I am "DUE" for a really good reminder program. It would be very helpful for my newly acquired iPod Touch.

Bill payment due dates. Now that I've gone paperless I often seem to forget when I'm supposed to pay for certain bills. This app could definitely come in handy for that… and birthdays!

Due can help me remember everything! Between children's appointments, my own appointments, work related items, and other organizational items I forget everything unless it's written and stapled to my lapel. Anything that will help me sort stuff is proper awesome! Especially given I will have two sources of reminders with my iPod and incoming iPhone.

Well, I got 2Do to remind me to check Awsome notes, that remind me to check Evernote, to remind me to check OneNote, to remind me to check Toodledo, reminding me to check Touch To Do, so I need Due to remind me to check 2Do, or my whole GTD may cause some kind of time warp, or worm hole that may destroy the earth.

I need "Due" because I always forget what I need to do. I think I have ADD but I am to poor to pay for health insurance to be fully diagnosed for it. Using a pen and paper to jot down reminders is just out of the question!! I am due for "DUE".

I'm a student and I hate carrying a planner this app with help me on top of my stuff. And no stupid to carry around :-)

'Due' take care of everything which I need to remind to but most important for me is medication which I take many times in day.

My husband keeps on saying that he needs something simple that can remind him of things to due, but everything he has looked at is just not simple enough, yet has the features he wants. DUE looks like it is the right app for him. With DUE HE maybe for once would not forget our anniversary!

I need constant reminders for songs that I want to download but always forget, the amount of money I get on my checks and breaks, vacations and quarter reminders.

Remember my mother-in-laws birthday and maybe to celebrate her future death. Oh ya, and remember when I need to change my wifes cars oil. :( ya thanks Tipb

I need Due because at lunch time I go to the grocery and buy steak, then forget to bring it home! Due @ 5:00pm: "BRING HOME STEAK!"

It will remind me to tune in to iphone live on WED at 9.00 pm EST and 6.00 pm PST. (Cheap shot mentioning the podcast but I Want..I Want the promo code)...

Wow! I just reviewed DUE's web site and now I'm even MORE excited about this app! It looks quick and easy to use.

Well one of the best things of having DUE on the iPhone, would be to get a reminder to register for contests that would allow you to win a promo code for DUE. (kind of like conundrum wrapped in a riddle)

DUE would help remind me when to use the bathroom, because my digestive track doesn't seem to be doing a good enough job

It could remind me to post a comment or watch TiPb live! You guys rock. By far my favorite iOS podcast

I'm the most unorganized person you will ever meet. I highly doubt this will help me but hey............why not! send me the code.

Love to try the DUE application ! It would be great to have such an great reminder tool. I already use DROPBOX so it would be wonderful to add to my iPhone 4.

DUE would help me remember everything with school. Starting next week is a new semester that is now first year university for me, while I'm still in grade 12. I'm going to be extremely busy and I'd love to have something to use to keep me as organized as can be.

Most likely, when to do laundry, when to do simple every day tasks that I can't remember for the life of me. IE: daily stretches, school stuff, when to do something in 5-10+ minutes since I'm very forgetful x__x.

I would love this app to help me make it through school procrastination free. College tuition is higher than bob marley these days, so getting good grades is VERY important.

It'll remind me of my forthcoming wedding day (and it'll stop me getting it in the ear from the wife-to-be when I have to ask her what the date is)!!!

I need DUE to remind me to buy an iPhone 4 with Verizon service on Feb. 3. That way I can have both AT&T and Verizon iPhones at the same time; and be my own walking Apple commercial.

I would use DUE at work mainly for organizing my work week. Additionally I would use it for tasks that need done around the house or reminders to pickup the kids.

Currently have an Android, switching to the iPhone on the 10th. This would be ideal for me to replace the notification app I am using now!

Due could remind me to catch the Podcasts! I don't know how many times I remember just in time to say goodbye to everyone! So annoying!

I would use DUE to remind me to read my TIPB rss feeds daily to look out for promo and giveaways.

Codes sent out! Thanks everyone for participating and we'll have another big contest starting later today!
Congrats to Dave, Bob Borbst, Tina, Karina, and Jarjartee!

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