Twitter for iPhone removes #dickbar

Twitter for iPhone has been updated and the much hated #dickbar Quick Bar has been removed.

The intoduction of the Quick Bar infuriated many users, so this was a smart move by Twitter. In fact, many users sought out 3rd party Twitter applications to replace the official one.

Were you one of those users? Will you return to Twitter's official application now that the Quick Bar has been removed? Or have you fallen in love with a different app, and if so, which one?

[Thanks Ethan for the Tip!]

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stoneland says:

Just updated. Glad they got rid of it. Now what I can't seem to get rid of is the update notification...even though I've updated the app it still says there is an update available. Tried deleting and reinstalling and it still won't go away. A reset didn't fix it either.

B says:

It's an error with the app store, either wait to see if it fixes itself, or just uninstall the app and reinstall should fix

RobCal says:

I actually like the quick bar.

Ethan S. says:

I didn't mind it either, as to me, it was sort of like a "Trending Bar". What I would have PREFERRED would have been an option to turn it off, actually.

Chaotic Buddhist says:

THIS. All you need is choice. Not including the option to remove it was like them shoving it down your throat. Not interested.

Greg Foster says:

I dont understand what the big problem was with the quickbar. I hardly notice it and when i wanna know what's trending, i check it out.

Proclaim Design says:

Did they also fix the DM bug?

macharborguy says:

I never understood everyone's obsession against the Quick Bar. Ever since it was added, I continued to use Twitter for iPhone the same as always. It never once got in my way of my normal usage.
An on/off Toggle would have worked better than a rash removal of the feature.

Chaotic Buddhist says:

Conversely that toggle should have been added instead of just cramming it into our pie holes.

Scorp25 says:

yes, im one of those who changed to 3rd party apps... im using now Tweetlogix and im not planing to change it any time soon

Sean says:

I also had no problem with the quickbar. Why not just have an off switch?

Matthew Snider says:

Not that big of a deal either way. If you got your panties in a wad, shame on you. Put your phone down and live life a bit. Your too hung up on things that don't matter at all!

Chaotic Buddhist says:

*you're.... Everything matters, especially spelling.

Rob Terry says:

I could live with the bar but didn't really like it. I used Simply Tweet for a while but am back with Twitter app. full-time now.

igorsky says:

I actually enjoyed not having to jump to another page to see trends.

robCal says:

me 2! I only upgraded cause I figured it would be a option to turn in on and off and I had some bugs that were driving me nuts... now its just gone... anyway to go back?

crwoo says:

Switched to echofon. Really like it. Only reason for switch is crashes and quickbar

Ewheeler1976 says:

Update didn't fix other glaring problems.. Mobilizer not restored, lack of viewing support for many common twitter photo services, no URL shortening options that let you create an archive or check metrics.
And I'm with those above all we wanted re: #dickbar was an on/off toggle.

Roger Cruse says:

Pleased that they have listened to their customers. Personally, I've moved to Twitterific but it has soured my experience with Twitter.

Justin_aga says:

Does this app not rt and let you add text?

stoneland says:

You can quote the tweet and edit it as you like...that's how I do it.


No, you can't even do that anymore because this new update took that feature away.

melb_guy says:

They have updated the app changes screen (screenshot) above with the fact that quoting tweets and retweeting is now under the same action menu, like it is on the iPad.

lquarles says:

No, they just moved the Quote link to the RT button. Tap that and you will see the Quote option there.

ak says:

I now use Tweetlogix. I now like it more than the official Twitter app, even without the dickbar.

Xavier says:

I have about 8 Twitter apps. I use a different one every few days or so.

SockRolid says:

I don't give a crap what's trending. I treated the #dickbar just the way I treat any banner ad: I ignored it. Glad to see it go, but never even considered switching from the official Twitter app even when it was there.

tuscanidream says:

Thank god. I don't understand the point of trends. I just want to post and share things with friends and people of the same interests. Plain and simple.

Ethan S. says:

As I stated above, I would have preferred just the option to turn it off.
I like the bar, as it's nice to see what's trending. It's like opening up your web browser and seeing the top news stories. Just tells you what's what, in the current digital world.

LCW says:

don't if i'll go back to the Twitter app... been using Echofon since the #dickbar fiasco... and gotta say, like the live links the main message list view in Echofon better, as well as the small pic previews, and also the ability to 'retweet with comment' - something this is not really possible with the official Twitter app (workaround by using "quote tweet", but that just sucks)... sticking with Echofon for now (although it has its own bugs, like hanging when you email a link from the built in browser - kinda sucks)

Chaotic Buddhist says:

I will not. They've lost me. I have found Echofon Pro to much more to my liking.

oscahie says:

I switched to TweetList and don't plan to switch back until after they add proper support for lists, at the very least.



dloveprod says:

Say it isn't so, I was mad that feature doesn't work on the ipad.

None says:

Moron, read the other posts.
When you look at the tweet, tap the arrows that look like the repeat function on the iPhone. The Quote Tweet is there.

John says:

I believe "quote tweet" is still missing from the iPad version of the official Twitter app, though it is present as you note in the iPhone version. YMMV.

Seth says:

The official Twitter app has always been my favorite (I adopted it back in the Tweetie days). Sure it has a few bugs (which will hopefully be fixed soon), sure there are a few missing features and some other apps have those and better features, but overall it has the best user interface.
The #dickbar was obtrusive and ugly and I did not have an interest in it. A simple on/off toggle would have been fine. Luckily being on Team Jailbreak, I installed Twizzler and the issue was no more.
I am glad they listened and removed it. It affirms the notion that the user rules and the user is in control, because without the user, or without listening and including the user, you just have an app, and a failed business model.

Silvio says:

I'll give you a #dickbar, baby! :P

@CD_Olson says:

Glad to see #dickbar gone! Moved to Echofon Pro, but just love the overall interface of Tweetie (twitter for iPhone). I will switch back now..

deadp1xel says:

Twitter Inc. made apps suck. Long live 3rd party apps like twitelator and osfoora.

Randy says:

What won't it let you Twitlonger anymore????

Mike says:

Why is it called #dickbar?

DRHughes says:

About time! Now this app is good. Lol. I stuck around with the app even when the quick bar was present. RIP Quick Bar.

hugecanoli says:

I never upgraded after I read all the problems with the quickbar "feature". Now that I see it has been removed, I upgraded my app, and now I cannot find a little feature that I used to use all the time....
Where the heck is the little tag icon that you click to show you the description of a trending topic? I used to click on a trending topic, then on the lower left side, there was a little tag icon that when pressed, showed a general description of the topic.
Was that feature taken away, or is it hidden somewhere else?

Gordonw says:

I switched to Tweetlist and not really planning on going back. I keep the Twitter app around for push notifications since notifo doesn't support Tweetlist.

narrow_minded#WN says:

I switched to Echofon Pro and will stay until Twitter shuts it down, which I'm sure will happen eventually. I love the in-line photo previews as well as the support for lots of services... even Instagram!

Christian says:

Personally I like Twitbird Pro and have stuck with it since day one (except that period of time that it was screwing everything up and no one could post from it). During that time I was on Twitter, but now that Twitbird has been running great lately, that's what I'm doing. :D

krs7272 says:

I switched to Echofon Pro and am very happy. Photo previews, I like the way it overlays the page after clicking a link.
And my number one reason that Twitter app never did correct for me is it starts at the first unread tweet upon launching the app. Where as the Twitter app most times would pic a tweet and constantly load to that tweet hours later. Very annoying.

Trevor says:

I love the family-friendly title

Trevor says:

That's a very family-friendly title.

asf says:

well I will go back to twitter for iphone again , I was on tweetdeck because of that stupid bat thing .. it was retarded.
I would have stayed there .. if they did not fix it

JBoen says:

I think Twitter app should be removed instead. Not knowing what users want is such a bad dev.

Matthew says:

I'm glad it's gone, but I never really saw it that often as I'm a staunch echofon user.
I have noticed that Cydia has it's own #dickbar in the search menu. First thing to pop up Justin Beaver. FFS

akag says:

You do remember it's April 1st, right? :)

Mike says:

Why in the hell is it called #dickbar? Where did that even come from?

rruk01 says:

I was not a fan of the bar, and would have been happy with just the option to switch it off. I use Twitterlator Pro quite a lot as I find that the official Twitter App these days is not keeping up with the features you can get elsewhere.
Twitlonger is no longer available on Twitter, that was switched off without any form of comm out to its userbase, you can't tweet music you are playing, you cannot read tweets offline, you cannot send tweets that automatically send once a live connection is made again, that is a great features you can use Twitterlator pro.. I will at times use Twitter as I do like the overall look and feel of it, but just think that Twitter sometimes just take away functions that they do not want people to use from their app.
I would like to see them integrate more features and ability etc into their Twitter Clients. Its nice of Twitter to announce that they would rather developers didn't make Twitter alternative clients, but is that because Twitter themselves feel that their own app is being shown up for having less features?!

krs7272 says:

Right nice April Fools haha

Kandor says:

I changed to Osfoora and will not be changing back.