White iPhone 4 landing April 26?

<img src="/sites/imore.com/files/styles/400w400h/public/images/stories/2010/12/white-iphone-4-ifixdirect-4.jpg" alt="White iPhone 4 landing April 26?" title=White iPhone 4 landing April 26?" width="266" height="400" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-47985" />

iPhoneItalia claims the long-delayed white iPhone 4 will finally start shipping on April 26. We've heard "this spring" confirmed by Apple multiple times, and recently heard it was "weeks" away, but if this date is accurate, we'll finally -- finally -- see the white iPhone 4 by month's end.

...Or not. Personally I'll expect it only when it hits Apple.com. How about you?

[iPhoneItalia via MacRumors]

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Reader comments

White iPhone 4 landing April 26?


I personally don't care - an iPhone is an iPhone right? If you've been holding out from buying an iPhone 4 because you've been waiting on the white iPhone 4 - you should evaluate your priorities lol.

I waited a few months last year for the white phone that never came. I finally gave up on waiting around late October when it was announced that the white iPhone was further delayed. I really wanted a white iPhone.

If this does happen, I hope it is gsm and cdma capable... A true global phone is the only way I think they can justify a white iphone now

Who cares anymore. I've never really cared for white anyways. My wife would probably like it but she's just going to wait for iP5 and keep her 3GS for a while.

The sad thing is that people are actually going to buy this when it finally comes out. Not like their will be a white iPhone 5 this summer or anything. :/

Whoever buys this phone based on it's color alone needs a head exam. IPhone 5 is around the corner and most likely will come in black and white. Just wait a tad longer.

Looks very good, but I'll wait for iPhone 5. Got my iPad 2 last Monday, it was shipped directly from Shenzhen.

Is anyone really waiting for that phone?? If you don't have an iPhone 4 by now what's wrong with you?

I could care less. After the first three times it got delayed I waited till November to get one. But best believe I will be getting the white iPhone 5.

Why still worry about this 10 months after the launch of the iPhone 4? I would prefer them to spend their resources working on the iPhone 5 with a dual-core processor, more RAM, a batter camera etc. The iPhone 4 hardware is gettimg obsolete fast.

Did not buy the iPhone 4 specifically because it was not available in white. Will now wait patiently for a white iPhone 5. The 3Gs (in white of course) is still trucking along just fine.

Who cares? Plenty.
Some of us care simply because we don't have an iPhone 4 yet, OR ... or, because we're interested in a white one.

if you don't have an iPhone 4, please do not buy a white one and lock yourself into a multi-year deal with it. the 5 will be out in a matter
of months

come on this is going to be magical and revolutionary. Sprinkled with magic apple dust.

With all the discussion about the long-awaited white iPhone 4, and the rumors about this year's WWDC NOT being the formal announcement point for the iPhone 5, everything is coming into clearer focus.
You heard it here first - I'm projecting either a late 2011 or early 2012 release for iPhone 5 and I'm also going to go out on a limb and say that it's going to be fully LTE-capable.
Think about it - Verizon iPhone comes out just months before the anticipated normal iPhone 5 release date, and now the non-announcement rumors.
Why else would Apple delay the iPhone 5? They have to realize that they need to make iPhone 5 fully LTE or risk losing further market share to the competition.
Not to mention if iPhone 5 was that close, the white iPhone 4 would be a lame duck out of the gate...

I think Apple is having supply issues due to the recent Tsunami in Japan and has decided to hold the public’s attention by releasing the iPhone 4 in white. I believe that the iPhone 5 will come out this fall in time for the holiday sales blitzes. I would wait for the new iPhone 5. Maybe a new iOS could tide us over though?

I don't think you'll see a major iOS release without new hardware to go with it. Just my opinion.

In my opinion there will be NO white iPhone 4. The iPhone 5 will be lauched on schedule, in June, with the option of black and white, just like the iPad 2.

I think (and hope) that frank72 is right. Not many people really care, and if white means bad prox sensors, then I'll pass. It's like giving up features over a color choice.